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A Young Singer, Yrma Lydya, Was Fatally Shot By Her Own Husband

Yrma Lydya

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On June 23, Yrma Lydya, a 21-year-old Mexican singer, was allegedly shot and killed in a restaurant by her 79-year-old husband, Jes Hernández Alocer. Omar Garca Harfuch, the security secretary of Mexico, stated that the attorney shot Lydya three times.

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As a result of the event, Alcocer and a female companion were apprehended. Witnesses reported observing an argument between a man with gray hair and a young woman.

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During the conflict, the man shot the woman, and it was later discovered that the man was Alcocer and the woman was Lydya, his wife.

Immediately following the event, paramedics arrived at the restaurant and attempted to resuscitate Yrma Lydya, who exhibited no vital signs. The Mexican singer was fatally wounded by gunfire.

Meanwhile, the spouse of the singer, aged 79, attempted to leave in his vehicle but was detained by police. Alcocer even sought to bribe police officers to evade capture. It is important to note that Alcocer has been accused of extortion previously.

Anything concerning Yrma Lydya

Born in 2001, Yrma Lydya was a well-known musician, dancer, and actor. Carlos Quinones, a well-known Mexican businessman who created Grupo Radio Comunicacion, SA in 1960, was her father.

She reportedly started being interested in music at a young age, according to reliable sources. Initially, she was not a well-known figure.

Her big break occurred in 2017 when she performed El Viejo del Sombrero with Sonora Dinamita by Lucho Argain at an event.

Lydya appeared in a special edition of Channel de las Estrellas for the national holidays. In addition, she has appeared in the movies Reventon Musical, Bandamax, and Noche con Carlos Cuevas. The GranDiosas cast subsequently asked her to play in a few gigs.

She stated in response to the invitation:

“Becoming a part of GRANDIOSAS is a dream come true for me since singing and learning from these Goddesses is a lovely, fantastic luxury that I am currently performing.”

Throughout her career, Lydya collaborated with several musicians, and she was even granted the National Cultural Award by the Mexican House of Deputies.

Prior to her passing, she sang with the group Grandiosas, whose members included Mara Conchita Alonso, Alicia Villarreal, and others.

Crime is increasing in Mexico

According to several sources, gender-based violence has increased in Mexico, contributing to a rise in crime. When asked about it, President Andres Manuel López Obrador indicated that former President Felipe Calderon was to blame.

Obrador previously released a Sinaloa cartel leader in an effort to lessen violence. His administration has even developed a program known as ‘hugs, not bullets’

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