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Aaron Dean Mugshot: Jail Update- What Did He Do?

Aaron Dean Mugshot

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This page tells you about Aaron Dean’s mugshot. People are interested in knowing because it has been talked about.

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Aaron Dean, who used to be a police officer in Fort Worth, was found guilty of killing on Thursday. In 2019, he shot and killed Atatiana Jefferson.

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Three years later, Atatiana Jefferson got her day in court when a group of 14 jurors found Dean guilty of the plot.

New information about Aaron Dean’s case

Dean quit the Fort Worth Police Department before he was arrested. This was two days after Atatiana Jefferson was shot and killed.

Police records show that Dean’s lawyer said Dean would write a thorough statement about the killing, but Dean never did.

On December 20, 2019, the Tarrant County District Attorney’s Office said that Aaron Dean had been charged with murder by a grand jury.

Later, the Fort Worth Police Department said in a statement that they accept the grand jury’s ruling and will continue to work together.

Still, because of the gag order, the District Attorney’s Office could not say anything else.

Judge David Hagerman was supposed to be in charge of the trial of former Fort Worth police officer Aaron Dean, but he was taken off the case on June 28, 2022, after lawyers proved that Hagerman was biased against them.

A former judge on the State Court of Appeal agreed to the request to step down

Hagerman was the judge in more than two cases, and the defense asked him to delay the hearing more than once.

The defense also said that Judge Hagerman was rude to their team, so they asked him to step down.

Jim Lane, who was representing Dean’s defense, died at age 79, one day before the jury selection was to start.

For the murder trial, 14 people, eight men, and six women were chosen from a group of 200 people.

The jurors decided that former Fort Worth Police Officer Aaron Dean was guilty of killing after six days in court. On Friday, the jury will start to decide how long Dean will have to stay in jail.

What did Aaron Dean do when he was a police officer in Fort Worth?

On October 12, 2019, Atatiana Jefferson’s neighbor told the non-emergency police that her doors were open in the middle of the night and asked for a safety check at Jefferson’s house.

Around 2:24 am, the police showed up at Jefferson’s house. Jefferson got her gun out when she heard noises outside her house and saw a flashlight in her backyard.

The prosecutor, Deener, made a point of saying that Aaron Dean and his partner did not say they were police when they were outside Jefferson’s House.

Deener said, “She didn’t know it was someone who was supposed to serve and protect.”

The cop walked into the dark room, turned on a flashlight, and yelled, “Put your hands up!” Put your hands up!” Body camera video shows that he did not ever say he was a police officer.

Because of the light from the flashlight, it’s hard to see who’s in the room. After a minute, Jefferson’s death was announced.

The shooter was Jefferson’s nephew, who told the detective that Jefferson stayed up late with him to play video games.

She took a gun out of her bag when she heard noises outside and pointed it at the window to protect her nephew from what she and he thought was a burglar.

Dean quit his job two days before he was taken into custody.

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