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About Debbie Koeman ! Daughter Of Ronald Koeman

Debbie Koeman

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Debbie Koeman is Ronald Koeman’s child. She is a co-founder and co-manager of Skin Cosmetics, which she co-founded with her mother. Debbie is the daughter of Ronald Koeman, a Dutch football manager, and Bartina Koeman, an actress.

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Ronald, a former player, is the current head coach of FC Barcelona. His hometown is Zaandam, Netherlands. He has Dutch ancestry.

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What is the Net Worth of Debbie?

Debbie is an independent woman. However, her actual pay is not mentioned; we must rely on Ronald, her father. As of January 2023, his total net worth is $16 million.

Debbie’s parents are also media people

Debbie was born to parents who are media professionals. Bartina Koeman’s reputation as an artist and a devoted lady dates back to her mother. She began her career as an actress.

Bartina was represented in a number of films, including Gooische vrouwen, Just the Two of Us, and others.

She subsequently started her own business. In contrast, her father, Ronald, is a prominent person in the football industry. He has previously served as the national team captain.


You are incorrect in assuming Debbie is the only child of the two remarkable personalities. She is raised alongside two siblings. They are brothers with the names Tim and Ronald Koeman Jr. Without a doubt, they all have unique occupations.

Tim works in business and finance, whilst Ronald continues in his father’s footsteps as a football player. Debbie has a close relationship with her mother, who handles the family’s brand.

Debbie Koeman’s marriage has brought her happiness

Debbie’s Instagram bio states that she is married to Jesse Tunderman, which we discovered while going through her account.

In addition, the woman has posted images of her wedding on social media. Their significant event took place at Royal Hideaway Luxury Hotels & Resorts.

Debbie donned a long white gown with extended sleeves. Her hair was separated in the middle by a little bun. She wore minimal makeup and only earrings as adornment.

The groom was observed sporting a plain black suit and white shirt. Debbie showed her two brothers, her mother, and her father every photograph she shot.

Mother to two children

Debbie and her life partner Jesse have become parents twice. The woman gave birth to a girl named Luna, their first child. Debbie also uploaded an ultrasound shot to Instagram. She tagged the image with phrases such as “baby news,” “mom-to-be,” “daddy-to-be,” etc.

According to the text accompanying Luna’s photo, she was born in June 2019. In contrast, Debbie flaunted her pregnant belly with her second child. Estela was her given name. She was born on February 19, 2021.

An examination of Ronald Koeman’s childhood

There is much we must learn about Ronald’s childhood. It was his parents’ second child. Since childhood, he and his older brother Erwin had practiced football every day.

The fact that two youngsters would spend hours playing in the street is a remarkable fact. Additionally, he recounted their mother tossing meals from the balcony. In contrast, Ronald and his family are middle-class Americans.

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