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According to Evan Roberts, Every Woman Is A Hero For Surviving Childbirth

Evan Roberts

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Along with his wife, American sports radio host, Evan Roberts welcomed their second kid. Roberts expressed his gratitude to his wife and all the women for going through the process during a pandemic in a radio interview about his experience.

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Husband of a Hero

Roberts shared his joyful experience with the arrival of his second child while appearing in his WFAN episode, Joe and Evan, from the hospital. Within the first minute of the program, he expressed his gratitude in conversation with Joe, one of the radio show’s co-hosts.

Joe Roberts began the discussion by discussing the game, but Joe swiftly turned the topic and inquired about Roberts’ family. Roberts responded in the vivacious of tones,

“It was excellent. I know we’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again. To all the women out there: I have no idea how you do it, but you are the best thing ever. I don’t know how you manage to carry a baby inside of you for eight months. And I’m not sure how you manage to get through birth and everything that follows [giddy chuckle].”

The father of two confessed that he had it easy and praised all the women as heroes, including his wife Sylvia. He went on to say,

“Therefore, my wife is a hero, as are all women since they do fantastic things… I’ve finished the simple part, you know? Like comforting her and comforting the baby, which is a simple task; they perform all the labor-intensive work. Man, I tell you they are the heroes.”

Evan On Call With Joe on the WFAN Sports Radio Show Talking About His Childbirth Experience

Evan explained that he was unable to leave the hospital because Covid protocol would prevent him from returning. He decided to stay at his wife’s side till the hospital released her.

He was excited and enthusiastic about becoming a new father. However, the gentleman’s admiration and acknowledgment of his wife and all the women warm our hearts.

Four-Person Family

The unassuming radio host currently appears to be enjoying spending time raising his family of four. He will shortly celebrate his second son’s first birthday, who was born in October 2020. And in September, Jett, his first child, will turn five.

There were other occasions when the world saw Joe’s anticipation of giving birth. November 2016 earlier. He shared a photo of his firstborn and commented on how quickly time passed. Roberts occasionally takes his wife Sylvia to his radio show, The Evan Roberts Podcast, even though he does not like to post about his personal life on social media.

Roberts discusses his first date with his wife in a video that the WFAN radio show has posted. He talks about how things began after they attended a wonderful lunch on a Saturday afternoon. The 38-year-old sports figure has kept the details of his personal life private, but his career path has been public for some time.

Childhood Dream Accomplished

Most people are familiar with Evan through his WFAN radio show, but few are aware that he has been involved with it since he was nine years old. The 38-year-childhood old’s desire was to work for WFAN.

The radio presenter discusses how he used to emulate WFAN in his bedroom as a child in an interview with Caitlin Fichtel that was recorded almost 11 years ago. Evan Roberts Discusses His Childhood Dream in the Caption

He continued by saying that he had been a crazy WFAN fan and had always told his parents he wanted to be in the WFAN. His desire to be a part of the show, therefore, increased after he made a recording and sent it to the studio. He was shocked when, at the age of nine, he was asked to fill in on the morning show.

11 years ago, the 38-year-old, who is a huge fan of METS, had some advice for all the broadcast aficionados.

When questioned about what aspiring broadcasters ought to focus on, he responded,

One thing has never received any attention despite his tremendous professional career. Evan once worked as a child actor. In 1997, the host made an appearance in the Howard Stern-directed film Private Parts.

But he never advanced in his acting career enough to go through Hollywood’s heavy drapes. However, he has always had successful times in his career as a host. Evan’s income is seldom ever mentioned in public. However, based on his career and the earnings of other WFAN hosts, his net worth may be in the millions.

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