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After 20 Years Of Dating, Barnaby Kay Marries

Barnaby Kay

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Actor Barnaby Kay is well-known and has had major roles in both Hollywood and the theater. Shakespeare in Love, Midsomer Murders, Conspiracy, and Doctor Who are just a few of his notable acting roles.

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His love of performing not only helped him build a successful career but also brought him and his wife together.

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Because Barnaby and his wife enjoy performing and each other so much, they frequently co-star in movies.

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Who Is the Wife of Barnaby Kay?

Nicola Walker, a well-known actress, is Barnaby Kay’s wife. With the addition of their son, Harry Kay, the couple, who were married in 2013, went from being a pair to a family of three.

Barnaby Kay
                                     Barnaby Kay With His Wife(Source: Alchetron)

The fact that their romance lasted longer than their marriage is interesting. The two struck up a romance after meeting on the sets of “The Libertine.”

Their relationships progressed from days to months to years, and they eventually approached their 20th wedding anniversary, but Nicola was still without a ring.

You could now believe that the actress from “Spook” was a little letdown, as it’s practically every girl’s desire to have a romantic and memorable proposal and wedding. The reality, however, is quite the contrary.

It comes out that Nicola wasn’t overly thrilled about the wedding. She and Barnaby thought about it for a full 20 years because of this.

Barnaby hasn’t spoken his opinion on weddings, but Nicola has acknowledged that marriage to her felt more like a workday.

“The entire marriage ceremony reminds me a little bit of going to work. Putting on a pretty dress and makeup, learning lines, having your hair done by someone else… If you weren’t doing it for a living, I can see how that would be incredibly enticing “She spoke.

In all honesty, it makes sense from her perspective. Therefore, on their special day, there was no extravaganza. Instead, only their closest friends and family attended the intimate ceremony.

We suppose that Barnaby and his wife would form a terrific marriage with or without the wedding ceremonies given that they are still going strong as ever.

However, to give their son a sense of security, they made the decision to be married.

They have a 16-year-old son now, and Nicola still remembers how his birth altered their life. She stated:

“However, you are unaware of how drastically your life will alter.”

It does alter, but the alteration is for the better.

Barnaby didn’t have an issue with it, but his wife was concerned that she wouldn’t get employment offers after delivering a baby. But since the actress is still working in the field, everything worked out just well for her.

Due to their shared professional history, the gifted couple supports and respects one another.

When Henry was a little child and Nicola had to work on set, Kay would take care of the child and carry him in a trailer away so that his partner could concentrate on their respective tasks.

Nicola’s wedding may not have gone as planned, but at least she found a dreamy man in Barnaby.

Kay has been quite idle in the industry lately, but Nicola Walker may be seen in “The Split” and “Annika.”

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