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Alabama Shooting: Who Is Alexis Dowdell? Meet Phil Dowdell Sister

Alexis Dowdell

One of the shooting victims, Phil Dowdell, was slain in Alabama during his sister’s birthday party. Alexis Dowdell is Phil’s sister.

Following the recent horrific mass shooting in Alabama, a little American child by the name of Alexis Dowdell has been trending online.

Everyone in Dadeville, Alabama was enjoying Dowdell’s birthday party as she turned 16 years old. However, the poignant moment quickly turned deadly as four people were murdered and at least 28 others were injured in the shooting.

The brother of Alexis Dowdell, Phil Dowdell, who is reportedly a wide receiver for his high school’s football team, was named as one of the shooting victims.

Who Is Alexis Dowdell in the Alabama Shooting?

Penny Dowdell Phil Dowdell, one of the shooting victims of the Alabama mass shooting, has a sister named Alexis Dowdell. Phil, a top football player, and honor student in high school was planning to graduate and play sports in college.

Additionally, Phil was a wide receiver and had just committed to play for Jacksonville State University. Phil was killed, according to his grandma Annette Allen, during the party for his sister Alexis.

Around 10:30 p.m. CST, a tragic mass shooting occurred. The inquiry is ongoing, thus no information on a suspect has been disclosed as of yet.

The loss of one of the most important members of the Dowdell family has caused great suffering for the whole Dowdell family. Additionally, Alexis modified her Facebook profile photo to show her kissing her sister as a memorial to her brother.

A. Dowdell Age and Wikipedia are Examined

Following a horrific shooting in Alabama, the name of Alexis Dowdell, an American native, was mentioned in the media. Her sibling died in the tragic shooting. Alexis was enjoying her birthday since she had just turned 16 years old.

Alexis seems to be really enthusiastic about cheering, based on her Facebook profile. There are little facts at this time, although she could have gone to high school.

Phil, her brother, was successful and at the height of his profession. He just made the decision to play for Jacksonville State University. He even posted pictures on his social media accounts.

His terrible demise was memorialized online after he was tragically slain in the incident.

Meet the Dowdell Family: Update on the Alabama shooting

As previously said, Alexis Dowdell gained national attention after the fatal Alabama shooting. A letter of sympathy is sent to the Dowdell family, who lost Phil Dowdell in the incident.

According to Alexis’ grandmother, Dowdell’s mother suffered two bullet wounds as a result of the incident.

As far as we know, four persons were slain, and KeKe Nicole Smith is believed to be a fifth. Additionally, she was a senior at Dadeville High School and a previous athlete.

In addition, while the investigation is still underway, the authorities have not released the identities or ages of the other gunshot victims. Therefore, further information concerning the horrific shooting in Alabama will be released shortly.

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