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Alana McLaughlin

Alana McLaughlin

Who is Alana McLaughlin?

Alana McLaughlin is an American wrestler, professional MMA fighter, social media influencer, and entrepreneur from Rock Hill, South Carolina. She was born in 1983 and is currently 38 years old. She is well-known around the nation for having amazing martial arts abilities. In addition to this, Alana is renowned for being the first transgender woman to compete in an MMA match in more than seven years.

Another transgender woman named Fallon Fox participated in MMA before McLaughlin. She engaged in six fights between 2012 and 2014. Regarding Alana, she competed in the Global Combat preliminary fights on September 10, 2021, to make her professional MMA debut.

Céline Provost of France was her opponent, and she prevailed in the bout. The reports claim that Alana was a guy before changing her gender and holding the status of a veteran of the US Army.

What is the Net Worth of Alana McLaughlin? Salary, Earnings

In terms of her wealth, McLaughlin makes a respectable living off of her professional fighting career. Alana McLaughlin’s net worth from her career is thought to be between $2 and USD 3 million (approximately).

MMA fighter transgender

She also served as a sergeant in Afghanistan, where he fought in a distinguished unit and was awarded eight awards. We give you all about Alana McLaughlin’s age, MMA, wiki, biography, height, husband, family, net worth, and gender in this post.

Where was Alana McLaughlin born? Ethnicity, Nationality, Family, Education

Alana McLaughlin was reportedly born in Rock Hill, South Carolina, in 1983, per the reports. Alana was born a male. Her precise birthdate is unknown. The estimated age of Alana McLaughlin is 38 years old (as of 2021).

Her Facebook profile states that McLaughlin attended Newberry College to earn her high school diploma. In 2003, she applied for admission to Winthrop University after that. She obtained her bachelor’s degree in English and art from this university.

In addition to this, Alana spent three years at the University of North Carolina in Asheville, where she graduated with a degree in sculpture in 2014. She afterward started concentrating on her MMA career. She is currently a well-known American transgender MMA fighter.

The details of Alana McLaughlin’s family are not properly disclosed. McLaughlin has a white Caucasian racial origin, according to the sources. Her faith is in Christ.

She does not, however, provide any information about her family. She also mostly concentrates on her career. Alana enjoys spending time with her loved ones and friends.

Sex of Alana McLaughlin

In terms of her sexuality, Alana McLaughlin identifies as a trans woman. She formerly identified as a male and used He/His pronouns. According to Wikipedia, Alana received diagnosed with PTSD in 2010.

McLaughlin started her gender transition in 2012 after two years. She then began referring to herself in the third person. Alana started concentrating on her MMA career after her transition. She succeeded Fallon Fox as the transsexual MMA fighter thanks to her talent and dedication.

Name of the husband, relationships, and boyfriend of Alana McLaughlin

McLaughlin withholds all information about her romantic history and relationship status, just like she does about her family. Her sources claim that she is not married and does not have a husband.

Alana also withholds any information about her boyfriend or other romantic relationship. She enjoys socializing with her friends. She also posted a lot of photos to her social media accounts with her close friends.

How did Alana McLaughlin start his/her Professional Career?

Alana worked in the US Army before changing her gender, according to Wikipedia. According to her Facebook page, Alana joined the United States Special Forces in 2003.

She also held the rank of sergeant while serving in Afghanistan, where he participated in an elite unit and was awarded eight decorations. Alana McLaughlin spent seven years in the US Army before leaving the position in 2010. She later started concentrating on her MMA Career.

According to Wikipedia, Alana struggled to find a female opponent when she first began competing professionally as a woman up until Céline Provost was inspired to do so. on September 10, 2021, during the Global Combat preliminary rounds.

After 3 minutes and 32 seconds of the second round of her fight against Céline Provost of France, she emerged victorious. Miami-based Combate Global organized the fight. McLaughlin easily prevailed through strangling. His win was widely reported after it occurred.

McLaughlin’s Disputation

Let me tell you that despite McLaughlin having only recently begun training for this sport, Céline Provost, a professional fighter with a long history of victories and more than ten years of experience, lost in three minutes due to the latter’s physical superiority and overwhelming strength.

Given the controversy surrounding its inclusion in the female division of MMA wrestling, where McLaughlin was accused of wanting to compete against weaker and smaller women to defeat them, McLaughlin claimed that those who called her a “cheater” were transphobic when she was criticized for her athletic prowess and physical superiority. Additionally, Alana McLaughlin is right now concentrating on her MMA career.

How tall is Alana McLaughlin? Weight, Hair Color

Alana has ideal physical characteristics and was formerly a US Army veteran. She takes excellent care of her body. According to the sources, Alana McLaughlin stands about 6 feet tall. She weighs about 89 kilograms in total.

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