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Alanah Pearce

Alanah Pearce

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Alanah Pearce is an IGN YouTuber, editor, and podcaster from Australia. Alanah Pearce is best known for her roles in Button Bash and The IGN Show. She even has her own YouTube channel where she uploads gameplay videos from games such as Until Dawn and Grim Fandango.

What is the Net Worth of Alanah Pearce? Salary, Earnings

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The multi-talented YouTuber has amassed quite a fortune for herself. Her YouTube channel generates between $297 and $4,700 in revenue per year. Her net worth is estimated to be around $1 million, according to sources.

Being popular on social media is the primary source of income. Instagram contributes significantly to her net worth. Her posts are sponsored by well-known brands, with earnings ranging from $885.75 to $1476 per post.

Where was Alanah Pearce born? Ethnicity, Nationality, Family

Alanah Pearce was born in Australia on August 22, 1993. She is currently 27 years old. In her family tree, only her mother’s name appears. Susan is her mother’s name, and she has appeared in videos such as Until Dawn. Unfortunately, there is no additional information about her siblings or other relatives.

Despite her unknown nationality, she is Australian and of unknown ethnicity. She now lives in Los Angeles, California.


The talented media professional graduated from the Queensland University of Technology with a degree in Mass Communication, Journalism, and Entertainment.

Quick Facts

Full Name: Alanah Pearce
Age: 27 years
Nationality: Australian
Horoscope: Virgo
Boyfriend: Blaine Gibson
Net Worth: $1million
Height: 5 feet 10 inches (1.78m)
Profession: Social media star, On-camera host, Content Producer and Co-star of Funhaus at Rooster Teeth, voice actress
Sibling: N/A
Father: N/A
Mother: Susan

Is Alanah Pearce Single? Relationship

As of 2019, Alanah Pearce is related to Blaine Gibson, a member of Rooster Teeth Productions. They are still single. The couple first met and began dating in San Francisco. Beautiful photographs of the couple are frequently shared. These two appear to be inextricably linked. There is no indication of separation.

Alanah Pearce suffered from mental distress after being raped and threatened sexually by teenagers. First and foremost, she mistook the threats for those of middle-aged men, when in fact they were made by teenagers. Pearce handled the situation by forwarding it to their mother directly. Because of this, she became a social media trend in 2014.

How tall is Alanah Pearce? Weight, Hair Color

Alanah Pearce stands 5’10” tall. Her height and other measurements are also unavailable on social media. Alanah Pearce’s hair is blond, and her eyes are dark brown. Her hair, however, appears to have been dyed grey.

How did Alanah Pearce start her Professional Career?

Alanah is a writer, producer, on-camera host, voice actress, gaming journalist, and YouTuber from Australia. She is currently one of the main on-camera co-hosts, content producers, and co-stars on the channel Funhaus. It is a Rooster Teeth brand and a YouTube comedy, gaming, and entertainment news channel based in Los Angeles.

Alanah’s work at IGN has also been recognized on national radio and television in Australia. She also has a YouTube channel with the same name where she streams gameplay, makes let’s Play, and talks about video games.

Alanah Pearce started her career as a social media personality in 2009. Alanah Pearce was promoted to Miscellaneous Crew and Producer for her work on Sunrise, an Australian breakfast show where she debuted in 2012. She worked for The Co-Optional Podcast the following year.

Pearce rose to fame in 2012, when she launched her own named YouTube channel, which now has over 275.9k subscribers. Similarly, she has worked as a video journalist for companies such as Videogames, Luna Digital, Zelda Universe, YouTube (GamesHQMedia), and others.

She was also appointed as an Xbox Australia Events Coverage Presenter (2012-14). Alanah was hired as an editor at IGN Entertainment in 2015 under the Toys and Culture section after working with the BBC, GameBug, and Reel Feed. She was later promoted to the position of producer. She eventually resigned from IGN.

Alanah joined Funhaus in August 2018 after leaving IGN, where she had previously appeared in episodes of Million Dollars, But…, Funhaus Demo Disk, RT Life, and Always Open. She made the announcement during their RTX panel discussion. She was previously a screenwriter for Gaming Weekly and is now an Inside Gaming host.

After appearing in several episodes, she later joined Funhaus in 2018. Alanah appeared in Million Dollars, Funhaus Demo Disk, RT Life, and Always Open. She previously wrote for Gaming Weekly and now hosts Inside Gaming. She is now a fan favorite in the Funhaus Community.

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