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Alex from Target- Bio, Height, Net Worth

Alex from Target

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Alex LaBeouf, better known as Alex from Target, is a 23-year-old actor who was born on January 21, 1998, in Dallas, Texas, in the United States. His mother’s name is Marci LaBeouf, and his father’s name is Eric LaBeouf. Like her, he is an American social media influencer and YouTuber.

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He also has a sibling and an older brother. He is an Aquarius by birth sign. Additionally, his faith is unknown, and he is of North American ethnicity. He hasn’t mentioned schooling in relation to it. But given his age, he might have been enrolled in college.

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What is the Net Worth of Alex from Target? Salary, Earnings

Alex Lee has not yet received any recognition. He does, however, stand a good chance of receiving numerous awards in the near future due to his exceptional ability. His net worth is presently unavailable to be known. His popularity on social media and as a YouTuber have an impact on his net worth.As of February 2023, Alex from Target had a net value of about $5 million.

Is Alex from Target Single? Relationship

He’s heterosexual and hasn’t tied the knot yet. As can be seen from his social media pages, he is dating Kelsey Carpenter. She frequently makes an appearance in his pictures and videos, and they appear to live together. Other than that, nothing is known about his prior relationships.

He encountered struggling actress Kelsey Carpenter not long after relocating to Los Angeles. They started courting right away because they shared a residence. She frequently shows in Alex’s Instagram videos and pictures.

How tall is Alex from Target? Weight, Hair Color

He has blue eyes and light brown hair.He is also 5 feet, 10 inches (1.55 meters) tall and 58 kilograms (127 pounds) in weight.Other than that, there is no knowledge on his physical characteristics.

How did Alex from Target start his Professional Career?

Alex has a successful job as a social media influencer and YouTube star. On October 26, 2015, a girl shared a picture of him on social media while he was working in the Target store with the caption “Letting people know about his good looks, just for fun.” This is when he first gained notoriety in the social media world.

This strange little deed had forever altered Alex’s existence. Within a month of publishing his photo on Twitter, he started to attract attention.

Then, in just one month, he went from having 100 to 700,000 fans on Twitter. Later, he made an appearance on Ellen Degeneres. Although his success was brief and did not last, he still has a sizable online following.

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