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Erin O’Brien Denton is an American screenwriter and performer. She is well-known for her contributions to projects like Strong Body, Ageless Body, Prenatal Fitness Fix, and others. Denton worked as a fitness trainer before pursuing a career in the entertainment industry. Erin rose to prominence after marrying her husband, James Denton, in addition to her career.

What is the Net Worth of O’Brien? Salary, Earnings

Erin O’Brien Denton is a successful screenwriter, although her net worth is unknown. A scriptwriter’s annual salary is on average $60337. She has already been involved in several programs, including Postnatal Rescue, Strong Body, Ageless Body, and Prenatal Fitness Fix.

She was a fitness trainer before working in the entertainment industry. A fitness trainer may earn between $43,843 and $74,628 per year in the United States.

Her husband James, in addition to her earnings, has a lucrative career in the entertainment industry. His total net worth in 2019 is $7 million. In the film, he appeared with Dana Delany, Eva Longoria, and others.

Erin and her family are currently living in Minnesota. They have a place to stay. In 2012, after the finale of O’Brien’s Desperate Housewives, on which James had appeared, she relocated to Minnesota with her husband and children.

Erin and her husband also own a home in Glendale, California (CA), the United States. In July 2005, her boyfriend, James, paid $1.48 million for the house. It has three bedrooms and three bathrooms on a 2,660-square-foot lot.

Is O’Brien Single? Relationship

On December 16, 2002, Erin O’Brien Denton married James Denton. James is best known for his role as Mike Delfino in the O’Brien comedy-drama Desperate Housewives.

In a modest wedding in Las Vegas, the couple walked down the aisle. The wedding was attended by just close friends and family members. Erin is marrying for the first time.

Her previous marriage was to American actress Jenna Lyn Ward. In 1997, James and Jenna married, but their love did not last, and they divorced three years later, in 2000. The ex-couple’s relationship produced no children.

Denton and her friend are now happily married. They are open about their marriage and do not avoid discussing it in interviews. Furthermore, the couple is frequently seen in public at events and presentations such as Red Carpet.

Mother of two children
Erin O’Brien Denton is a kind and compassionate wife and mother. She and her partner James have two beautiful children. In May 2003, Denton gave birth to their first child, a boy named Sheppard Denton.

Malin O’Brien Denton, the couple’s second child, was born on March 22, 2005. Malin weighed 7 pounds, 5 ounces when she was born.

Erin and her husband co-created “Prenatal Fitness Fix,” a prenatal workout DVD, in 2007. It emphasized her 712-month pregnancy as well as her workout. The four-person family is currently living in harmony and is frequently seen participating in activities together.
Pregnancy and exercise. The four-person family is presently living peacefully and is regularly seen attending activities together.

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