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Putri Candrawati

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Putri Candrawati is a well-known figure in Indonesian media. She is a former social worker, dentist, media face, celebrity companion, and online personality. She is well-known in Indonesia since her late husband was Ferdy Sambo, a high-ranking former member of the Indonesian National Police. Candrawati was also involved in a number of philanthropic efforts, which helped her come to prominence as one of the area’s most notable personalities.

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What is the Net Worth of Putri Candrawati? Salary, Earnings

Ferdy Sambo’s wife was contentedly dwelling in an attractive home in Indonesia with her husband and children. She was always concerned about cleanliness and hygiene for the sake of her children’s health. Candrawati had a part-time dentistry job that paid well. A sizable portion of her husband’s fortune is also hers. Her net worth is estimated to be approximately USD 1.5 million (approx.).

Where was Putri Candrawati born? Ethnicity, Nationality, Family, Education

Putri Candrawati is 49 years old (as of 2023). As a result, she was born to her parents in Indonesia in 1973. Because of her father’s relocation, she acquired her schooling in a variety of locations. Despite this, she is of Indonesian heritage.

Officials have removed all of her social media accounts, making obtaining information regarding her exact date of birth impossible. After finishing primary school, she enrolled at SMP Negeri 6 Makassar, a school in Indonesia’s Makassar. In 1988, she completed her secondary schooling. She started working on her professional role after finishing her bachelor’s degree.

Quick Facts

Real Name

Putri Candrawati

Nick Name


Date Of Birth



49 years old






Former Dentist, Social Worker


5 feet 7 inches


56 kg

Hair Color


Eye color


Net Worth

$1.5 million

Is Putri Candrawati Single? Relationship

Candrawati is a wise and gifted lady. She claimed to be married and met Ferdy Sambo while attending SMP Negeri 6 Makassar School. They became pals at school. Their friendship grew into a relationship, and they decided to live together indefinitely. They both worked extremely hard to become better persons for the future. Let me tell you about Ferdy Sambo, the Inspector General.

Ferdy Sambo and Putri Candrawati married with the blessing of their relatives and kin, according to sources. The couple has four children together. Due to security concerns, the identities and other details regarding their offspring have been withheld from the public. The couple’s adoption of their younger child was made public in court.

How tall is Putri Candrawati? Weight, Hair Color

She is a stunning young lady with excellent body proportions and a pleasant personality. Putri Candrawati weighs 56 kg and stands 5 feet 7 inches tall. She is in terrific health and has a beautiful physical shape. She has black hair and black eyes.

How did Putri Candrawati start her Professional Career?

Putri Candrawati finished her study and went on to become a dentist. She finished her internship in dentistry at a famous facility in Indonesia. She then opened a dentistry office while focusing on her own company. Candrawati was passionate about her work and did everything she could to make people smile with healthy teeth. Nonetheless, she resigned from her work after getting married.

She focused her entire concentration on her children and their schooling. Candrawati also assisted others and her spouse at work. She was passionate about donating to charity, assisting others financially, and performing other acts of kindness.

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