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All About Stanislas Wawrinka Daughter Alexia Wawrinka

Alexia Wawrinka

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Stanislas Wawrinka, a tennis prodigy from Switzerland, has a daughter named Alexia. Three Grand Slam victories are listed under Stan’s name. As a result of his rehabilitation from knee surgery, he was forced to leave the Top 200 and is now ranked 18 as of October 12, 2020.

Net value

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Since she was a child, Alexia’s net worth has not been determined. In contrast, as of December 2022, her father’s net wealth was about $19.2 million, which included $7.2 million in prize money. In addition, he receives payments via sponsorships and a variety of products.

Alexia and her father Stan’s relationship

Stan Wawrinka and Ilham Vuilloud’s first child is named Alexia. Her mother, Ilham, was a former model and spokeswoman for Swiss television.

Since she and her father have a strong bond, Alexia frequently stands by his side during sporting events to support and cheer him on. The picture up top demonstrates the bond they have. Alexia enjoys supporting her father during his athletic endeavors. Stan enjoys her company as well.

Alexia’s parents went through a second divorce

At the Lausanne Palace Hotel in Switzerland on December 15, 2009, but decided to part ways six years later by ending their marital affair in 2015. Since the couple had already undergone a short separation in 2010, this was their second divorce.

Their divorce has different causes, with Stan blaming conflicts between job and family life and Ilham blaming adultery. Stan relocated to a motel after Ilham became pregnant with Alexia and left his family’s house. They dated for four years before being married, which would indicate that they were together for about ten years.

Relationship between Donna Vekic, Stan’s ex-girlfriend

Alexia’s father, Stan, was romantically engaged with Donna Vekic. Donna also plays tennis professionally. She began her professional career in 2012. After Stan and Ilham were divorced, they started dating. Before ending their four-year relationship in 2019, the couple dated.

Nick Kyrgios said something nasty regarding Donna, Stan’s ex-girlfriend

Nick Kyrgios alleged that Australian tennis player Thanasi Kokkinakis hit his girlfriend Donna Vekic during their match against Stan at the 2015 Rogers Cup, which was recorded by on-court microphones. He was also heard referring to Wawrinka as “banging 18 years old.” Later, Kyrgios was punished for his remarks with a fine and a one-month suspension.

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