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Cesar Millan

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Cesar Millan is well-known for his television program Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan. Dogs were a part of Millan’s upbringing in rural Culiacan, Mexico. His grandfather taught him the majority of what he knows about dogs, and after a few years, Millan became well-known on the family farm for his expertise with canines.

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When Millan immigrated to the United States to work as a pet groomer, people soon realized he could handle even the most aggressive of dogs. After Millan was featured in the Los Angeles Times in 2002, he quickly got his ground-breaking television series.

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Cesar Millan is currently working on a National Geographic series

He is currently working on a National Geographic series and uploading videos to YouTube about dogs. Cesar has lived a life marked by extraordinary success in the face of hardship. One of the most recognizable TV characters in the world right now is the impoverished farm boy from Mexico.

He spent ten years hosting a series that was nominated for an Emmy and went on to star in other TV productions. He turned to YouTube when the TV openings ran out. On his 1.24 million-subscriber self-titled YouTube channel, Cesar displays his behaviorist abilities.

The majority of Millan’s videos have over 2 million views, demonstrating how widely viewed his content is. On September 12, Millan tweeted that he is producing a show with National Geographic. Cesar should make a comeback on the program. It may not air until sometime in 2019, as casting is still ongoing.

Cesar Millan surprised Jahira Dar by popping the question to her on Mount Lycabettus in Athens

In 2016, Cesar surprised Jahira Dar by popping the question to her on Mount Lycabettus in Athens. Because of his well-known TV program, Cesar Millan may be a name you’ve heard of. He’s helped a lot of dogs, and he has a strong opinion on how to train aggressive dogs.

At the summit of Mount Lycabettus in 2016, Cesar got down on one knee and proposed to his longtime partner, Jahira Dar. Months had been spent planning the proposal, and he was happy that he kept it a secret. While on vacation in Europe, the couple was about to board a train from Spain to Italy when Cesar abruptly changed the route to Greece.

Cesar proposed to Dar while a violinist played in the background, and she said yes. When Cesar discussed the proposal with People, he was ecstatic and full of praise for Dar:

She is kind, gentle, intuitive, spiritual, clever, entertaining, strong, daring, and loving and exemplifies the values of loyalty, honesty, and integrity that I hold most dear. She shares my love of dogs and the natural world, in addition.

Cesar Millan attempted suicide

When Cesar learned that his ex-wife Ilusion Wilson intended to divorce him, he attempted suicide.

In 1994, Cesar married his ex-wife Ilusion Wilson, with whom he has two sons. As he experienced financial difficulties and lost his 16-year-old dog, Daddy, in February 2010, Millan’s life started to fall apart. He discovered that his wife intended to file for divorce three months later.

Cesar decided to take his own life because he was at his wits’ end. He stated on Today with Kate Snow: I made a choice. I tried to kill myself by taking a ton of pills. The children found me. I recollect telling the kids, “Take me to the ranch,” they said. I want to pass away with my dad.

Dar, Millan’s fiancée, helped Cesar miraculously recover from his suicide attempt. After getting divorced and leaving the Dog Whisperer TV show, “She [Dar] was crucial in helping me rebuild my life and my family,” Cesar said to People. In August 2010, the couple began dating, and things have been going well ever since.

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