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All You Need To Know About Naviyd Ely Raymond

Naviyd Ely Raymond

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Usher is a singer, songwriter, actor, businessman, and dancer from the United States. His son, Naviyd Ely Raymond, is a celebrity due to his father’s fame.

His father is a famous artist

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The father of Naviyd Ely Raymond is a great musician and composer who has sold over eighty million albums worldwide. When he was nine years old, his grandmother recognized his vocal talent, and he began a career as a singer. His parents moved to Atlanta to provide him with more singing opportunities and a more conducive environment.

With the release of his first album, ‘Usher,’ in 1994, and then his second album, ‘My Way,’ his fame increased. 80 million copies of his third album, ‘8701,’ which had multiple hit songs, earned him two Grammy Awards.

His album ‘Confession’ was instrumental in establishing him as the best-selling musician of the 2000s. He received two Grammy awards in 2011 and 2013 for ‘R&B Ballads’ and ‘There Goes My Baby’ as a result of his enduring success.

Billboard recognized him as the second most successful musician of the 2000s and the top Hot 100 artist of the decade at the end of 2009.

Coupled with a stylist

His father wed his mother, Tameka Foster, in 2007. She is a stylist for celebrities and has worked with Lauryn Hill, Jay-Z, Toni Braxton, Ciara, and Pato LaBelle, among others. In 2005, the couple began dating, and two years later, they wed.

At the time, she was already a single mother of three boys from a previous relationship with Atlanta clothing designer Ryan Glover. In addition, they have Usher “Cinco” Raymond V, who was born in November 2007 and was the couple’s first child.

The wedding was canceled at the eleventh hour

After two years of dating, the couple was about to exchange wedding rings when Usher called off the ceremony an hour beforehand, claiming he was not ready for the commitment.

However, the wedding was rescheduled for a tiny civil ceremony in Atlanta, Georgia on August 3, a month later.

In an interview with Oprah Winfrey, he stated that he was prepared for the commitment because he wanted to assume responsibility and did not want to be like his father, who abandoned him at the age of seven.

On September 1, the couple celebrated their wedding with a stunning reception at the Chateau Elan Winery and Resort north of Atlanta.

The parents are now getting along well

The marriage between his parents was set to fail for many years, and they divorced in 2009. Following Tameka’s accusations of adultery, the couple decided to divorce. In the beginning, there was a three-year custody dispute.

A court gave Usher primary custody of his two children with Tameka on August 24, 2012. In consideration of him and his sibling, his parents’ relationship is now friendly and amiable, and they are frequently seen together.

Shortly after separating from his first wife, he began dating his manager. After five years of dating, he proposed in January 2015 and they were married the following year.

The newlyweds then spend some time in Cuba as part of their honeymoon. Sadly, this relationship was also doomed to collapse. The pair divorced in September 2018, only two years after their wedding. The couple decided to separate amicably and remain friends.

Located a new business associate

His father has recently recruited a new business partner. In the fall of 2019, rumors regarding his relationship with Jennifer Goicoechea began to spread. She is the senior director of Artist and Repertoire for Epic Records.

In October 2019, they were first sighted together at the Hollywood Bowl. Backstage, Jennifer Johnson, a photographer, caught and published a shot of the couple kissing. However, they have not proven their relationship.

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