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Alvin Martin | Bio, Age, Net Worth, Relationship, Career

Alvin Martin

Alvin Martin is an English football manager and a former professional player. In addition, he is well-known as Whoopi Goldberg’s ex-husband. Alvin Martin was born on July 29, 1958, and he is 64 years old.

Where was Alvin Martin born? Ethnicity, Nationality, Family, Education

Alvin Martin was born in Walton, Liverpool, England, on July 29, 1958. He was 64 years old. His solar sign is Capricorn. The names of his parents are kept secret.

We perused several papers and web pages. Unfortunately, more details about their names were needed. He is Caucasian and a follower of Christianity.

Alvin’s light brown hair and stunning blue eyes set him out from the others. He stands six feet tall. Since he was little, Alvin has been passionate about football. However, no information about his educational history has ever been made public.

What is the Net Worth of Alvin Martin? Salary, Earnings

By 2022, Alvin Martin’s estimated net worth will be $5 million. In comparison, Whoopi Goldberg, his ex-wife, is worth USD 60 million.

Quick Facts

Full Name Alvin Edward Martin
Famous as Whoopi Goldberg’s first husband
Birthday July 29, 1958
Age  64 years old
Sun Sign Leo
Traits Positive- Ambitious, Loyal, Generous
Negative- Stubborn, Egoistic, Arrogant
Birthplace Walton, Liverpool, England
Currently Residing England
Nationality English
Parents N/A
Marital Status Divorced
Spouse Whoopi Goldberg (ex-wife)
Children Alexandrea Martin (daughter)
David Martin (son)
Joe Martin (son)
Education University of California, Los Angeles
Profession Former Football player
English football manager
Net Worth USD 5 million
Social Media Twitter

Is Alvin Martin Married? Relationship

Alvin was married to Whoopi Goldberg, an American actress, comedian, writer, and television personality. Whoopi was a well-known actress in the industry when she first met Alvin.

Alvin and Whoopi tied the knot in 1973. They split up six years later. Since then, Alvin has not gotten married. He is enjoying being single with his children. He’s got a grandchild now.

However, Whoopi, his ex-wife, got married in 1986. After two years, he filed for divorce from her. In 1994, she later wed Lyle Trachtenberg, although the two eventually divorced.

Whoopi Goldberg and Alvin were married for a very long period. In a 2017 interview, Whoopi asserted that she was to blame for all of her failed marriages that ended in divorce. She said:

“My three marriages did not receive my wholehearted devotion. It didn’t come to me naturally, and I didn’t experience the love that married people should feel in a relationship. Whoopi assumed full accountability for every one of her failed unions.

Alvin has three children. They are David Martin, the son, Joe Martin, and Alexandrea Martin. Alvin Martin’s boys had the same enthusiasm for football as their father.

Joe Martin plays defense, and his son David Martin plays goaltender. Both of his sons have been quite successful in football.

However, his daughter followed in her mother’s footsteps. American actress and producer Alexandrea Martin was born. Her three children, Amarah, Jerzey, and Mason Dean, make her Whoopi’s and Alvin’s grandparents.

How did Alvin Martin start his Professional Career?

Alvin Martin has always been passionate about football. Alvin became a member of the Merseyside Club but left when he was hired by the Goodison Park Club.

He tried out but was unable to play football with Queens Park Rangers. Because he loved football, West Ham United later signed him. Observing his rise, selectors offered him a professional contract in 1976. Two years later, against Aston Villa, he made his debut as a professional player.

Alvin played football for West Ham for twenty-one of his brightest years. Over 600 games were played by him during his time at West Ham. After a 21-year, highly promising career with West Ham, he departed the club at the age of 37 to join Leyton Orient.

When Alvin was a player for West Ham, he scored three goals against three different goalkeepers in the match against Newcastle United.

The game will always be remembered because of his outstanding effort. At the end of the game, Newcastle United had an 8-1 lead over West Han. Since this was Alvin’s first league game and goal of his professional career, he too had a lot riding on this one.

Alvin’s Global Career In 1981, Martin Alvin made his England debut against Brazil. Sadly, his ailments kept him from playing against Spain in the 1982 FIFA World Cup final.

He was able to take part in the FIFA World Cup in 1986. Unfortunately, bad luck had struck again. He played and prevailed over Paraguay. They lost their match against Argentina in the quarterfinals.

Alvin Martin: Is He Still Living?

Indeed, Alvin Martin is still alive and healthy. There are a lot of rumors about his demise. Many times, he was confused with Alvin H. Martin, who passed away on September 15, 2022.

Many people confused them because of their similar names, even though Alvin Martin’s full name was Alvin Edward Martin and the deceased was Alvin H Martin.

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