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Amanda Owen | Relationship And Cheating

Amanda Owen

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Amanda Owen is a broadcaster and an English shepherd. Owen resides and works on a small farm named Ravenseat Farm in the Yorkshire Dales settlement of Swaledale.

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Following her initial Twitter account debut as “The Yorkshire Shepherdess,” Owen has subsequently authored five novels.

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Amanda Owen’s 2023 Net Worth

The success Amanda Owen has enjoyed is evidenced by her alleged $1 million net worth.

The star of Our Yorkshire Farm, age 47, who formerly battled to support her family while still trying to make ends meet, is now in command of her empire.

The TV Actress reportedly has a seven-figure net worth and earns £250,000 annually as a result of her five best-selling books, magazine collaborations, and 10 years of television work, according to TG Time.

According to its financial documents, Yorkshire Shepherdess Ltd., the mother of nine’s company, has cash and assets worth £74,411 in total.

The Company owes £36,456 in Corporation Tax, as reported by The Sun, thus her pre-tax income is around £250,000.

Amanda Owen’s circumstances may have been better because, as she previously stated, her farm was hurt by the pandemic’s effects on tourism.

Relationship Between Amanda Owen and Clive Owen

The details of Amanda Owen and Clive Owen’s wedding day have remained secret throughout the years, but since they co-starred on their well-liked Chanel 5 program, their split was much more well reported. The couple has nine kids together.

Amanda Owen recently opened out about how she handled the breakup of their relationship in front of the cameras and described it as “very tough.”

Jennifer Owen in 1995, when Clive Owen was 42 and Amanda was 21, they first met. The shepherdess thought their relationship would be more of a “slow burn,” but divorced father of two Clive insisted that despite their 21-year age gap, he was “struck with her” the moment she arrived at Ravenseat Farm.

Amanda Owen said on the podcast The Poet Laureate Has Gone To His Shed that it was a slow-burning relationship.

We began to establish a rapport. Before heading out in small groups, we first made acquaintances.

Five years later, they were married. Instead of the traditional bridal white, Amanda chose a unique off-the-shoulder wedding dress with a multicolored floral design and accessorized it with a veil, long satin gloves, and a black choker.

One of the first signs that they were having relationship problems was when Amanda Owen and Clive Owen publicly admitted that their marriage had hit a “rocky patch” in November 2021.

They unluckily announced their split in June of the following year. On her Instagram Stories, Amanda wrote:

“To confirm that we have made the difficult decision to separate, Clive and I are heartbroken to confirm.”

Amanda Owen’s Response To Clive’s ex-wife’s offshoot of Our Yorkshire Farm

After the debut of the first episode of Beyond the Yorkshire Farm, which starred her ex-Clive, the star of Our Yorkshire Farm, Amanda Owen, issued a statement.

Clive and her son Reuben would have a spinoff, but Amanda’s program would not receive a second season, Channel 5 stated at the beginning of the year.

They launched a new Company endeavor and undertook their first difficult task—digging a string of ponds in Cumbria—in the first episode.

Reuben’s new connection with Sarah, who amused the audience with her frog fear while digging up a pond, was the subject of a confrontation between Clive and Reuben.

After announcing their split earlier this year, fans were ecstatic to see Clive and Amanda reunite for the season.

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