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Amanda Quaid | Randy Quaid Daughter, Family And Net Worth

Amanda Quaid

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The only child Randy Quaid and his ex-wife Ella Marie Jolly have together is Amanda Quaid. Amanda is a filmmaker and actress.

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Randy Quaid, an American actor, is well-known for his parts in plays with both serious and lighthearted humor. Since 1971, the Texas native has been involved in the entertainment business.

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He also has 117 acting credits, two producing credits, and one writing credit. Independence Day, The Last Detail, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, and Kingpin are a some of the significant films and television shows produced by the Academy Award contender.

In addition to his film career, his personal life is a fascinating topic. Did you know that Randy had two previous marriages and is the happy father of a grown daughter? What is known about Randy Quaid’s daughter, spouses, family, and net worth is included here.

Amanda Quaid, the daughter of actor and director Randy Quaid, is an actress.

The only daughter or kid of talented actor Randy Quaid is Amanda Quaid. She lives with the actor’s ex-wife Ella Marie Jolly.

Amanda, who was born on May 29, 1983, is now 39 years old. Her parents were wed from May 11th, 1980, until June 20th, 1985. When the All You Can Eat Actor’s divorce from his previous spouse was finalized, his daughter was still a little child.

I hope Amanda had a nice upbringing and spent equal amounts of time with both of her parents as she grew up.

Daughter of actor Randy Quaid, who is now a successful actress and director, followed in his footsteps. She is most known for serving as an additional crew member for Non-Stop and First Reformed as well as directing the short film Toys.

The stunning actress has fifteen acting credits, along with three for producing, two for directing, and one for writing. She also contributed to fifteen movies as auxiliary crew.

Three-minute stop-action animation film Toys by Amanda features a father-daughter team who reside on a farm in the 1930s. It is endearing and moving.

When his daughter reaches adulthood, the father in the film gives her “masculine” items like knives, weapons, and a baseball bat because he prefers a male over a girl.

Even though she prefers her dolls, the daughter learns she is good at archery when he takes her there. She is so skilled that she misses her father’s head with an arrow.

This results in a powerful visual switch-up that turns this short into a coming-of-age tale. A young daughter of the Father suddenly acts rudely.

She is so good at archery that she threatens her father. The movie’s plot is intriguing.

The director of The Toys is a talented actor and director. We wish the talented daughter of the actor further success in the days to come.

Family and spouse of Randy Quaid

Juanita Bonniedale “Nita” and William Rudy Quaid were the parents of Randy Quaid when he was born in Houston, Texas.

Randy’s father was an electrician, while his mother was a real estate agent. The Emmy nominee is moreover of English, Scots-Irish, and Cajun descent.

One final detail Southwest Houston was the actor’s hometown. Dennis Quaid, his older brother, is also an actor.

Evi Quaid and Randy Quaid are wed as of right now. The couple started dating on October 5th, 1989. Despite not having children together, the married couple does have seven frozen embryos.

Randy Quaid is Worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Randy Quaid has a net worth of zero million dollars.

Celebrities can become affluent, but this does not mean they will always be wealthy or have good financial judgment. Many well-known celebrities have been forced to declare bankruptcy.

And one of them is Randy Quaid. According to CBS News, The Actor and his wife Evi declared bankruptcy in 2000 because they owed $619K in taxes.

In late August 2022, the celebrity and his spouse purchased a home in Burlington. The single-family New North End Home’s 30-year, $280,725 mortgage was reportedly funded by Vermont Federal Credit Union.

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