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Amy Siemetz Became The Victim Of Domestic Violence

Amy Siemetz

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On July 12, 2020, the Covenant actress Amy Seimetz filed a restraining order request against her ex-boyfriend and director Shane Carruth.

Seimetz’s former lover allegedly tortured her physically and psychologically for years, according to court documents. After meeting on the set of Upstream Color, the actress and director began dating in December 2011.

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Carruth was aggressive towards the actress during their relationship, which ended in early 2018. The actress, however, asserts that the abuse continued for years after their divorce.

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Seimetz claimed that following their 2013 marriage, her ex-partner developed a possessive attitude. Having “fits of fury and passionate outbursts that led to his being emotionally, psychologically, and physically abusive,” Carruth was said to have.

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The actress also recalled a time in October 2016 when she came dangerously close to passing away. Seimetz had gone out to dinner with her coworkers while working on a project in New York City, which made Carruth angry. , as it was in the original the the the the the.  plaint the way it was in the the the the the. the ” the the ” the the the the nat the “Sixteen” crew, and the mighty crew of the

The director threw her cell phone across the room and broke it when Seimetz’s mother called. The actor was then strangled as he leaped on top of her.

“I tried to get Mr. Carruth to stop because I was frightened he was going to kill me.” As I strained to breathe, Mr. Carruth eventually stopped strangling me,” Seimetz wrote in her plea. “

After this incident, the abuse got worse. She used to receive “abusive and harassing text messages and emails” from Carruth in addition to verbal abuse and insults.

The actress often tried to end the relationship because of the ongoing physical abuse that left her with bodily scars. But because he had left her out of concern that he would get married, she would go back to her ex-lover whenever he pleaded with her to.

The accusation against Shane Carruth is domestic abuse

In August 2018, Seimetz finally won a restraining order against Carruth, but it didn’t stop him from threatening her. She requested the restraining order in July 2020 after the threats remained throughout 2020 and got “far more extreme.” In response to the lawsuit, Carruth told People that he will soon give his side of the tale, not out of his own volition but under duress.

Unknown if the director has provided his version of events, he was detained in Los Angeles in January 2022 on suspicion of domestic abuse. According to Variety, Carruth was detained at his ex-home and girlfriends.

According to reports, police were called to the woman’s home at 4:50 in the morning, but Carruth had already gone by the time they arrived. Around 6:50 a.m., after Carruth had left for home, the ex-girlfriend got in touch with the police once more. In the area, the filmmaker was found, and he was taken into custody “on suspicion of mischief and domestic abuse.”

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