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Anita Pointer | Death Cause, Obituary: Pass Away From Illness?

Anita Pointer

Since the news of Anita Pointer passing spread like wildfire, the cause of her death has been a subject of inquiry.

Anita Pointer, one of the Grammy-winning Pointer Sisters, died at the age of 74, according to her publicist. In the company of her family, she passed away at her Beverley Hills, California, home.

The second oldest of Ms. Pointer’s four sisters, she achieved success with songs like Jump (For My Love) and Fire.

The group’s self-titled debut album, which combined funk, soul, and R&B, was released in 1973.

The album’s breakthrough smash was the groovy song “Yes We Can Can,” which encouraged cooperation and tolerance during the racial upheaval in the United States.

Additionally, in 1975, their number-one song, Fairytale, earned a Grammy for Best Country Vocal Performance. In a category where white acts are predominate, the triumph is nonetheless exceptional.

Obituary and Cause of Death for Anita Pointer

Anita Pointer, a Grammy winner, passed away while she was visiting family, according to publicist Roger Neal.

The exact reason for Anita’s passing wasn’t made known right away. She passed away from cancer, it was later revealed.

Although Anita’s family said they are relieved she is now at peace with her daughter Jada, sisters June, and Bonnie, they still find their loss to be extremely upsetting. The sole daughter of Anita Pointer passed away in 2003.

When Pointer’s only child, Jada Pointer, passed away from cancer at age 37 in 2003, it left a tragic mark on her personal life. Roxie McKain Pointer, her grandchild, was then reared by her.

The identity of the person who had kept them all close for so long was also revealed. Daughters of a pastor, Anita, Ruth, Bonnie, and June Pointer spent their formative years singing in their father’s Oakland, California, church.

Why Did Anita Pointer Pass Away?

The Pointer Sisters’ founding member Anita Pointer passed away unexpectedly from cancer.

Representatives of the organisation claimed that Pointer fought a valiant battle against cancer.

When Anita Pointer’s intended debut on the American reality singing competition The Masked Singer was cancelled because the singer was “dealing with an illness,” her health became a hot subject in musical circles in October 2021. She and her sister, Ruth Pointer, were both scheduled to make their stage debuts.

The loss of her was mourned by her family. They claimed in a statement that “Heaven is a more loving and beautiful place” with Anita there.

Achievements in Career of Anita Pointer

While her siblings toured the country as Pointers, a Pair, Anita founded The Pointer Sisters with June and Bonnie Pointer family members.

The group then included Sister Ruth, and in 1975 their song Fairytale earned them a Grammy. The remaining members of the group had success as a trio in the 1980s, while Bonnie went on to pursue a solo career.

One of their best-known songs, Jump (For My Love), rode the electro-pop popularity wave of the early 1980s to become the best-selling American dance hit of 1984. Years later, Girls Aloud’s cover of the song became a worldwide hit.

Fairytale: The Pointer Sisters’ Family Story, published in February 2020, was co-written by Anita Pointer. The sisters’ struggles and accomplishments during their careers were described in the book.

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