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Annie Linskey

Annie Linskey

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Annie Linskey- Biography

Annie Linskey is a gifted journalist who currently works as a White House Reporter for The Washington Post. She has previously worked for the Boston Globe, the Baltimore Sun, and Bloomberg. She is well-known for her reports on Democratic candidates in the 2020 Presidential election.

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What is the Net Worth of Annie Linskey? Salary, Earnings

Annie Linskey’s major source of income has come from her profession as a journalist for several news outlets. Her annual pay at the Washington Post is reported to be roughly $58,150. She has also appeared as a guest on other talk shows. Her net worth is estimated to be around $865,250, according to sources.

Annie Linskey- Birth, Age, Ethnicity, Siblings, Education

Annie Linskey was born on December 21st in Connecticut and is most likely in her early to mid-forties. The information regarding her parents has not yet been released to the media. Patrick is her brother’s name, and there is no information regarding his work. She was raised by her family and spent a lot of time with them.

Annie enrolled at a local high school in Connecticut but has not disclosed any information about her school. She later enrolled at Wellesley College for her higher and additional study in 1993. Annie Linskey earned a degree in Political Science there in 1997. She appears to have also pursued a professional degree in the field of journalism.

Annie Linskey- Relationship, Boyfriend

Annie has not disclosed any specifics regarding her relationship or marital status. Her previous romances have similarly been kept private and out of the public eye. On June 13, 2009, she was discovered on Twitter listing Jill Rosen as her husband.

Later that year, a reporter tweeted that she had gotten married in Pakistan. As a result, her marital status has not been adequately disclosed. Like every other famous person, she appears to prefer to keep her professional and personal lives separate and out of the spotlight.

Annie Linskey- Professional Career

Anne was captivated by politics and chose to become a reporter. This has aided her inquisitiveness and questions. As a result, she was hired as a press secretary after graduation. She also worked as a reporter for the Baltimore Sun for nine years. She is well-known for her reporting and writing about the incident. In addition, she has worked for Bloomberg News. She has worked with numerous news outlets.

It is well known that she works as a national reporter for the Washington Post. In the 2020 presidential campaign, she covered Democrats. She has also contributed columns to the newspaper. On PBS News Hour, she recently spoke with Amy Walter about the primary election season, Tucker Carlson’s role in the Grand Old Party, and she also kept a careful eye on the White House Correspondents Association Dinner.

Social Media Details

Annie is a frequent social media user. She has 391 followers and 498 followings on Instagram. Her account has been kept secret, and she has noted in her status that her Instagram account is full of photographs of water, farms, buildings, and food. She has 40.1 thousand fans and 2,817 followers on Twitter, which she joined in May 2009.

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