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Anush Apetyan Soldier Video: Live Leak And Rape Case Reddit

Anush Apetyan

People were shocked when the leaked Anush Apetyan Soldier Video went viral on Reddit and other social media platforms.

On Friday, the Armenian diplomatic corps met with Army Chief of Staff Edward Asrian near Jermuk, the site of the last heavy bombardment.

Adrien used the horrifying disfigurement of an Armenian female soldier that the Azerbaijani army had captured as one of his examples.

The chief of staff of the Army has said that he would provide a video of the attack to diplomats.

They perpetrated atrocities against our troops, including women, in our combat locations, Asrien stated.

I have no idea how they severed a female soldier’s digits, severed her legs, and stripped her naked. It was a new degree of cruelty.

On Friday, a video of the event that Asrian had recounted became popular on social media.

Anush Apetyan Soldier Video: Reddit Live Leak

Reddit was among the social media sites where a video of Armenian soldier Anush Apetyan was released.

mother of three According to reports, Anush Apetyan, 36, was taken prisoner in Fermuk and assaulted, tortured, and physically harmed by Azerbaijani officials.

Her eyes were gouged out, and the severed finger was put in her mouth, according to the horrifying footage that was released.

This film recreated the agony Armenia endured in 1915 together with other horrifying pictures that troops from Azerbaijan had uploaded on the internet.

On the command of the governing Young Turks, the entire Armenian population in the Ottoman Empire was forced into the harsh desert.

In reality, the “deportation roads” were nothing more than death routes. Approximately 1.2 million people tragically died there. Anush Apetyan was played incessantly.

Adrian told the ambassadors that no army, unit, or soldier in any country would approve of such crimes.

Referring to it as a grave violation of international humanitarian law, he accused Azerbaijan of war crimes.

Furthermore, Vahan Teryan, an Armenian poet, was the first to use Reddit’s Viral feature to express the agony in his nation.

He spoke of being a voiceless beggar with little chance of being heard. Every one of them is visible on the road.

This was just realized by young Armenian writer Grigor Shashikyan, who declared him. The message of Vahan Teryan is imprinted in the skin of its time.

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What Was the fate of the female soldier in the Anush Apetyan rape case?

Armenian female soldier Anush Apetyan was killed, raped, wounded, and tortured by Azerbaijani soldiers.

The event happened in September 2022 in the city of Jermuk amid hostilities between Azerbaijan and Armenia.

Several executions occurred when fighting between Azerbaijani and Armenian troops started in mid-September as a result of Azerbaijani incursions into Armenia and along the border.

The conflict stemmed from many breaches of the 2020 peace agreement, which was brokered by Russia and put an end to hostilities over the unresolved Nagorno-Karabakh issue.

The military prosecutor’s office started a “full inquiry” into the execution video, according to a statement made on October 2 by the Azerbaijani prosecutor general’s office. This was done to verify its legitimacy and, in the event that it was, “to identify the personnel shown on it.”

Legal action will result from the investigation. Human Rights Watch used many approaches, including interviewing with firearms and medical experts, to validate the 40-second footage.

The authenticity of the film was verified by looking at the language and utilizing reverse image search engines to see whether the movie had been uploaded online before mid-September.

The film was released on various social media sites again after making its internet debut on Telegram just before midnight CET on October 1.

Eight unarmed individuals dressed in Armenian military uniforms are seen in the video being picked up by at least fifteen soldiers, all of whom seem to be from Azerbaijan.

The troops’ uniforms mirror the Azerbaijani army’s camouflage design, but there are no distinguishable symbols on them.

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