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At The Age Of 49, James Yeager Died

James Yeager

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James Yeager, a well-known tactical response trainer, passed away unexpectedly on September 2. He was a former police officer, firearms instructor, and media figure.

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Although he had amyotrophic lateral sclerosis for a long time, there is no proof that it contributed to his passing. According to one of his fans, he lost the ability to breathe and his voice along with his upper body strength after receiving the diagnosis six months ago.

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Yeager ceased making YouTube videos after losing his voice, however, he eventually validated his diagnosis on the site in a video titled ALS Update And Fundraiser in June 2022. The precise cause of James’ passing is unknown, and information regarding his funeral will soon be made public.

The complete information on James Yeager

James Yeager was a well-known name in society even though it is uncertain when he was born. His most recent tour was in the spring of this year when he trained 150 Ukrainian troops.

While Kyiv was 95% besieged and under constant attack, he traveled there with his team while simultaneously providing assistance to those in need.

Yeager also visited the Bundy Ranch in 2013 to provide Cliven Bundy and his family with protection from the lethal overreach of the US government.

He was a member of two Protective Security Details in Baghdad, Iraq, from 2004 to 2005. During the violent pre-election, election, and post-election periods, his team was in charge of protecting eight Iraqi Election Commissioners.

Yeager’s team had the opportunity to work with the Gurkhan Guard Force while in charge of the physical protection of their offices at the Interim Iraqi Government Building.

James Yeager had to serve as a media liaison and communication with the building’s and complex’s security officers in addition to the two U.S. Army Force Protection forces for the region.

In order to set up and complete the election process, the eight commissioners took a lot of meetings, flights, shuttles in helicopters, conferences, and other trips. He helped with the planning, advancement, coordination, and implementation of these trips.

Before being named Big Sandy’s chief of police in 1998, he served as a patrolman and K-9 handler for the Big Sandy Police Department from 1996 to 1998.

He stayed in that position up until 2000 when the Benton County Sheriff’s Office upgraded him to deputy. He was a patrol and Tactical Team leader, as well as a Multi-Agency Crisis Response team trainer.

Yeager served as the Vice President of a well-known tactical equipment company from 2004 to 2004, and from 2002 to 2009, he was the Sergeant in charge of the Reserve Unit and the Firearms and Tactics Instructor for the Camden Police Department. He worked with numerous drug task forces and narcotics teams in the local police from 1992 to 1996.

Worked As A Weapons Instructor

James Yeager started off in 1994 teaching and counseling people on firearms, tactical teams, and Special Forces. He had received training in the use of force, firearms, and tactical training.

James has written for publications including S.W.A.T., Southern Lawman, and STUFF, among others. He produced numerous instructional films in addition to writing a book on high-risk civilian contracting.

One Man Army, Snipers Inc., Student of the Gun, Friends of the NRA TV, and other series and periodicals have featured him on their covers.

He appeared in the movies Cherokee Creek and Daylight’s End. His family members’ identities are unknown, and there is no more information available about his private life. He is survived by them.

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