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Attack On Titans Fan Celebrate Eren’s Birthday


Similar to any manga, anime, or animated series, a series’ success and, consequently, legacy, can be greatly influenced by its art and graphics.

The best Attack on Titan wallpapers and features have come from fans, despite the fact that Studio WIT and MAPPA have shown off their artistic prowess.

While the entire Attack on Titan fandom waits impatiently for the season 4 finale, many are celebrating Eren’s birthday by creating original works of art.

Attack on Titan fans from all over the world are commemorating Eren Jaeger’s birthday today, March 30, by dressing up as their favorite characters from the show.

Whether you like him or not, Eren is one of the best protagonists (or antagonists, depending on your point of view) in the entire anime/manga business.

Fans have watched Eren change throughout the anime and manga series from a young, idealistic lad to a merciless killer and, ultimately, into a deity-like figure who holds the fate of the entire world in his bandaged hands.

His attitude in season 4 is made all the more dismal by the fact that this entire story arc has only occurred over 13 years in canon.

According to the legend of the series, Eren was born in the year 835, the same year Mikasa and Historia were born. Eren first assumes his Attack Titan form when he is fifteen years old, having turned 10 when the Titans first break the gates of Shiganshina.

Furthermore, since it was never specified which month the tragedy occurred in, Eren would be either 23 or 24 years old by 854, the year The Rumbling starts.

There are millions of Attack on Titan fans throughout the world, and today, the entire community is honoring Eren’s birthday through art.

No matter the show, person, or scene, immensely gifted painters are constantly sharing their most recent anime-themed works; this week, the Titan MC-himself is the subject.

In actuality, MAPPA has also made special artwork in honor of Eren’s birthday, so fans aren’t the only ones who are celebrating.

Do you desire a more concrete keepsake? The “Memorial Fragment” is a figure of Eren with four windows made of glass that show some of his most memorable experiences.

The Attack on Titan fandom has produced a ton of amazing fan art, ranging from intricate watercolor paintings to animated gifs.

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