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Babu Owino Net Worth 2023 | Salary, Career And Endorsement

Babu Owino

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Due to his lavish lifestyle and vast fortune, Babu Owino, a flashy young politician, has been creating waves in Kenyan politics and grabbing media attention.

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As the representative for the Embakasi East Constituency, Babu Owino has become one of the wealthiest young politicians in Kenya.

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He has been vocal about his financial success and influential connections despite the controversy surrounding the sources of his wealth.

This article examines Babu Owino’s net worth in 2023, as well as his career earnings, endorsements, and affiliations with prominent figures in politics and business.

Net Worth of Babu Owino in 2023

Media reports estimated Baby Owino’s net worth to be $1.2 million, but given his prospering political career and investments, it is highly probable that he has considerably increased his financial status since then.

Owino’s fortune is derived from a diverse portfolio of properties, businesses, and transportation enterprises. The legislator’s ownership of residential properties in Nairobi’s affluent Kileleshwa neighborhood demonstrates his preference for luxurious living.

In addition, he owns a fleet of PSV matatus, which demonstrates his interest in public transportation. Due to Kenya’s dependence on this mode of transportation, owning and operating matatus can be a lucrative business.

In addition, Babu Owino is rumored to have an extravagant collection of automobiles, which includes such prestigious models as the Toyota Cruiser V8, Hyundai Tuscani, Range Rover Sport, and Toyota Prado.

These luxury vehicles represent his ostentatious lifestyle and demonstrate his financial success.

Career Earnings and Salary of Babu Owino

As a Member of Parliament (MP) in Kenya, Babu Owino receives a substantial monthly taxable base salary in addition to various allowances.

At the time of writing, MPs in Kenya received a monthly basic taxable salary of Kshs. 532,500. Regarding additional allowances, the average minimum gross remuneration for each member is Ksh1,378,000.

In addition to their regular salaries, Kenyan members of parliament are eligible for a variety of benefits, such as mortgage loans, auto loans, and medical coverage. These benefits consist of interest-bearing loans made available to members of parliament during their five-year term of office.

Babu Owino’s tenure as a member of parliament has afforded him these advantages, which have contributed to his overall financial stability and success. It is important to note, however, that his wealth extends well beyond his parliamentary salary and allowances.


In addition to his political and business endeavors, Babu Owino has secured a number of lucrative endorsements.

His close relationships with prominent politicians, business magnates, and technocrats have made him a sought-after figure for endorsements and partnerships.

Public figures, including politicians, can benefit greatly from endorsement agreements because they provide additional income streams and increase their public profile. Companies frequently seek to associate themselves with influential figures such as Babu Owino to enhance their brand image and expand their audience reach.

Throughout his career, Babu Owino has been associated with a number of endorsements, including products and services from a number of industries.

However, the public is largely unaware of the specifics of these endorsements and the financial benefits they generate.

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