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Benicio Del Toro Wife | Who Is He Married To | Relationship History And Acting Career

Benicio Del Toro

The famed Puerto Rican actor Benicio Del Toro has never married but has made headlines for his relationship with Kimberly Stewart and the birth of their daughter.

Del Toro has a distinguished career filled with accolades, and he has managed to reconcile celebrity with a private personal life. Benicio’s performances in films such as “Traffic,” “Snatch,” and “The Wolf of Wall Street” have cemented his reputation as one of Hollywood’s best.

People are often intrigued by his relationship with Kimberly Stewart, the daughter of British artist Rod Stewart, and their daughter Delilah. Let’s take a closer look at this period in his life. Benicio del Toro is a superb actor who is also a quiet person. From the Academy to the Screen Actors Guild, he has received numerous honors. However, there is a misconception about his marital status that we would like to clarify up.

Kimberly Stewart’s Relationship with Benicio del Toro

They first met in 2008 and began dating soon after. Delilah, their next arrival, was announced in April 2011. Despite the fact that they never married, their bond is evident in their mutual devotion to their daughter.

Delilah’s Welcome

On April 11, 2011, Benicio’s life began a new chapter with the birth of Delilah. Family images collected throughout the years show the father and daughter’s close bond, which provides a comforting image.

Benicio del Toro Relationship History

From 1988 to 1992, Benicio was married to Valeria Golino. Later, he was linked to celebrities like Catherine Keener and Sara Foster. Each romance was a chapter in his life, but none of them led to his wedding day.

Addressing the Misconception

The term “Benicio Del Toro wife” is a misnomer, contrary to popular assumption. He is not, and has never been, married to Kimberly Stewart. This loving father places co-parenting Delilah and her well-being above all else.

Benicio del Toro Acting Career

Benicio’s dedication to movies extends beyond his personal life. His wide range of characters, from detectives to drug lords, illustrates his adaptability. Each film in which he appears attests to his acting ability.

Upcoming Projects & “Reptile” on Netflix

Benicio is already receiving praise for his performance in Netflix’s “Reptile,” which places him in a psychological labyrinth. He’s also expected to appear in “Oppenheimer” and “The Whale,” all of which have piqued the interest of fans.


While his romance and children are vital parts of his life, his love of performing should not be disregarded. Despite speculations about his marital status, this multifaceted actor is a loving father who has a particular bond with his daughter, Delilah.

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