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Benjamin Smith

Benjamin Smith

Benjamin Smith- Biography

Benjamin Jeffrey Smith, a self-described anti-social machinist from Portland, Oregon, has left a trail of alarming social media posts. On February 19, 2022, the man is accused of carrying out a mass shooting that killed five people. One of the Black Lives Matter protesters were killed in the shooting.

Polybun Wiki’s Benjamin Smith

According to OregonLive, Benjamin Smith is a 43-year-old machinist who has resided across the street from Normandale Park for at least 14 years. The reporters spoke with Smith’s brother, Arthur Killion, who stated that his brother’s rage developed rapidly and resulted in a rally in the Northeast Portland neighborhood. He also stated that Smith was agitated by the city-wide protests and the presence of homeless persons in the vicinity. He was opposed to the COVID 19 health mandates and was known to have a weapons collection.

Quick Facts

Real Name Benjamin Jeffrey Smith
Birth Date 1979
Age (as of 2022) 43 Years
Birth Place Portland, Oregon, USA
Nationality American
Profession Machinist
Religion Christianity
Sun sign

The entire narrative

On February 22nd, 2022, officials first identified Benjamin Jeffrey Smith aka Polybun as a suspect. He was initially identified as the suspect by OregonLive, which reported that witnesses had recognized him. On the other hand, OPB editor Ryan Haas reported the same day that Smith had not been charged because he was admitted to the hospital, but a warrant for his arrest had been issued, which is sufficient to charge him with second-degree murder, first-degree attempted murder, assault, and unlawful use of any weapon.


Authorities did not officially identify the suspect or the murdered victim, but on February 22nd, he was recognized as June Knightly, 60. (Brandy Lynn Knightly). OregonLive, on the other hand, identified the Black Matter Lives Matter protester as June Knightly, who was killed and shot to death. According to the publication, her nickname was T-Rex, which was written on the shirt. Smith’s roommate told OPB in an interview that he is simply a sad and unhappy guy… He mentioned wanting to do this… He was enraged by the mask mandates and enraged by the accursed liberals… He was also employed at Peninsula Iron Works.

According to OregonLive, Knightly was from northeast Portland and was a member of a women’s club active in the demonstration. According to Kathleen Saadat, one of the persons who described Knightly, she was warm, kind, and the type of personality who used to think of different things and was working on the mission of making the world a better place as well as making herself a better person in the world.


According to sources, Benjamin Smith has now been charged with at least nine offenses, including second-degree murder. According to the DA’s statement, Smith engaged the demonstrators by yelling at them. They ordered him to leave them alone, and then he pulled his revolver from his pocket and began shooting at the throng. According to his social media, he describes himself as a local “furry” known as Polybun. Officials from the police department confirmed that Polybun is the same suspect as Ben Smith. He shot himself and was gravely injured as a result of the act. Smith, on the other hand, stayed in the hospital due to his injury.

Social media messages that are upsetting

Many social media posts have been published under the name Polybun on Telegram and other sites. Polybun surfaced and made comments about killing people, which appear to be willingly disrespectful. Smith may also be found on Reddit, where he has created a thread under the moniker Polybun. “Censorship is never okay, no matter what the justification,” he said on the social networking site. F*** you.” He has left numerous comments, including one describing a story in which a man slaughtered the entire neighborhood over a snowblower argument.

He has produced cryptic posts about dogecoin. Aside from that, he has written about cars and their development in Indiana. In one of his social media postings and the thread, he said that his father smelled like “Jim Beam and failure.” He has also written about burning man, explaining the character and characteristics that the man possesses. Smith also ran a company named at one point. According to web sources, the company was situated in Indiana.

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