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Bill Hemmer | Wife | Relationships

Bill Hemmer

Bill Hemmer, a prominent on-air personality, presently hosts the Fox News Channel show Bill Hemmer Reports, which airs at 3 p.m. He took over as presenter in the mid-afternoon slot when journalist Shepard Smith stepped down in October 2019.

Aside from his great professional career, the seasoned media figure has kept his personal life quite quiet. Bill had been in a long-term relationship with his model girlfriend.

Today, we’ll try to uncover some unseen truths concerning his shady dating life. We’ll find out who Bill Hemmer’s wife is if he has one.

Who is the wife of Bill Hemmer? Is He Engaged?

Mrs. Hemmer does not exist as of yet. Bill isn’t married to anybody, and neither has he ever mentioned his desire to marry in the future. He has kept all personal information to himself.

His inclination to keep things very secret raises the question of whether he is gay. It’s usual for tabloids to correlate these rumors with celebrities who keep their love lives private.

Did Bill Hemmer ever marry his ex-girlfriend Dara Tomanovich? Their Love Story

Dara Timanovich, Bill Hemmer’s now ex-girlfriend, was in a serious relationship with him. Despite their long-standing friendship, the two never chose to begin a new chapter in their lives as husband and wife.

Dara and Hemmer began dating in 2005. On November 9, 2005, the two former flames made their first public appearance after stepping down to attend the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in New York City. They later appeared together multiple times in different locations.

Dara Timanovich, Bill Hemmer’s girlfriend, attended the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in 2005.

In 2005, the pair attended the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

Hemmer and Dara were sighted at New York Magazine’s 3rd Annual Oscar viewing party on February 24, 2008. In addition, the then-romantic pair attended CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s “Cheating Death” book party in late 2009. It was held at Rouge Tomate in New York City.

Dara Timanovich, Bill’s former girlfriend.

They dated for around eight years.

They were first too interested in one other. Their love, however, did not continue long, as they split up in 2013 after nearly 8 years of dating.

How Did Their Eight-Year Romance End?

Hemmer and his bae Dara last appeared together in 2013 at the Gala event held at the City Centre in Berlin. They called it quits the next year. Nonetheless, there are no legitimate reasons why the two separated.

Timanovich made news in 2014 after being arrested for DUI in June of that year. According to Page Six, the model was involved in a car accident in Manhattan.

According to sources, Dara later began dating Prince Andrew, a member of the British royal family.

Dara Timanovich, Who Is Bill Hemmer’s Ex-Girlfriend?

Dara Timanovich, who was born in Toronto in 1969, is a model who began her modeling career as a youngster. Timanovich achieved a significant breakthrough when he met German designer Karl Lagerfeld in Paris when he was 18 years old. Karl selected her to be the face of the French luxury fashion business Chloe.

Timanovich also spent the following five years in Paris, modeling for well-known fashion magazines and companies like as L’Oreal, Marie Claire, and British Vogue. Her Instagram bio indicates that she is presently employed by the B&M Models agency.

Who is Bill Hemmer now dating?

Hemmer is not currently dating anyone. He’s now being coy about discussing his personal life with the public. Despite the fact that the journalist is frequently pictured smiling with ladies, he has yet to reveal any romantic ties.

He curEven though York City.

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