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Bishop John General Wife Pastor Maureen Kakwend | Family

Bishop John

Bishop John General of Matero and renowned evangelist John Nundwe has been arrested on suspicion of raping a married woman in her place of marriage.

The 26-year-old woman sought solace in the man of God following a series of miscarriages through prayer. The Bishop, while visiting the victim’s residence to offer condolences for her, is accused of committing rape.

Rae Hamoonga, a police spokesperson, stated that the incident occurred yesterday between 13:00 and 14:00 in the Kahale district.

He reported that the responsible party had been apprehended and that the victim had acquired a medical report form as a result.

Concerns regarding Bishop John General’s spouse, Pastor Maureen Kakwend, arouse public interest.

Who Is Pastor Maureen Kakwend, the Wife of Bishop John General?

Regarding John’s matrimonial status, he is happily married to Pastor Maureen Kakwende, an elderly woman of 35 years.

At the same congregation, both Paul Kambazo and his spouse are accountants. Furthermore, he was apprehended in 2018 on suspicion of stealing K70,000 from a churchgoer. Notwithstanding John’s release on surety, the subject remains unresolved.

Additionally, Nundwe is renowned for his extravagant manner of preaching. Constantly addressing wealth and success in his sermons, he also donutsadoradores expensive jewelry and apparel.

Moreover, in the eyes of his adherents, he has been bestowed with prosperity as an expression of gratitude for his religious convictions.

They employ his extravagant lifestyle and involvement in scandals as proof of his deceit. Nundwe continues to enjoy widespread popularity in Zambia notwithstanding the ongoing dispute.

He has amassed a large following due to the belief that his message of faith and prosperity is authentic. Moreover, he appears frequently on Zambian radio and television.

Nundwe is an intricate and polarizing individual. He is a man who has a dual fear of God and the earth.

Family And Children of Bishop John

Information about his children or family is withheld from the public sphere, to maintain his personal life private.

Bishop John General, a renowned Zambian evangelist John Nundwe, established the Matero General Assembly, an African-wide Pentecostal congregation.

Nundwe, an individual of 51 years of age, was born in Zambia in 1972. Although Nundwe does not require a Wikipedia article, it is extensively covered in the media and on the Internet.

Nundwe’s church and ministry are widely recognized in Zambia, and the organization frequently coordinates substantial assemblies and conferences. On YouTube, his animated style of proselytizing has gained considerable traction.

The scandal, nevertheless, has harmed Nundwe’s reputation. A defilement charge was brought against him in 2013 after an adolescent girl in his congregation made allegations of sexual abuse.

Although the accusations were ultimately disregarded, not before they incited protests and debates regarding the accountability of clergy.

Additionally, the financial operations of his congregation have been subject to scrutiny; certain individuals have alleged that he illicitly exploits tithes for personal gain. He demanded exorbitant fees from his followers in return for a “heavenly journey.”

John Nundwe, the bishop, is a contentious individual who has both devoted disciples and adversaries. His philanthropic endeavors and eloquent leadership are cited by his supporters. Moral issues are raised by critics about his speech and actions.

Notwithstanding his previous legal disputes, he has amassed a fervent fan base due to his prominence as a cleric and public figure. The Zambian media continues to report on the discord he fosters.

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