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Brian McKnight And Leilani Mendoza Are Expecting Their Fourth Child Together

Brian McKnight

Leilani Mendoza, is Brian McKnight’s wife, and they are expecting their second child. McKnight posted a few pictures of himself holding Mendoza’s growing baby belly along with the news on social media. The pictures all had identical captions:

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“We are thrilled to finally announce the impending arrival of Baby McKnight!!!!!!! You are my everything, my idol, and the reason I live, and I adore you, my darling wife.

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Jack, Kekoa, and Julia The three kids of Brian and Leilani are named Matteo. Kekoa tragically died while still an infant.

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In 1990, Brian McKnight wed Julie McKnight, a musician. Brian Jr. and Niko were their first two children, however, the couple divorced in 2003.

According to sources, Brian’s ex-wife Julia raised their kids while he was busy touring and doing music. When they were younger, the children and their father got along well, but things have changed since then. Currently employed in the music industry, Brian and Niko founded the C.A.T.S. production team with Thomas Williams.

In addition, Brian is the father of Brianna McKnight, a girl whose mother’s name remains unknown. The singer and Leilani Mendoza began dating in 2014, and they later got married in May 2017. Julia, Jack, and Kekoa Matteo are the couple’s three children.

Brian and Leilani wed in December 2017. Baby Kekoa Matteo passed away. In May 2022, McKnight posted on social media about his loss and how it had a significant impact on him, but he believes that Kekoa, like Julia and Jack, is still with them. He was shown in the picture holding Mendoza’s stomach while Jack and Julia were around. As McKnight continued,

“The bravery with which you dealt with the hardest loss we’ve ever had in our life, as well as the resiliency I watched in you throughout the passing of our kid, was just wonderful.” “I cannot speak.”

The message was taken by some as Brianna, Niko, and Brian left. However, he chose not to respond to the accusations of abandoning a child.

Who Is Brian McKnight?

When Brian McKnight was 19 years old, he signed his first recording deal with Wing Records. Two years later, in 1992, he released his self-titled first album, which peaked at number 58 on the Billboard 200 chart. He continued to release albums like I Remember You and Anytime, both of which were nominated for Best Male Video at the 1998 MTV Video Music Awards.

The next year, Brian’s most well-known album, Back at One, was published and went on to sell over three million copies. McKnight joined Warner Bros. Records in late 2005, and the following month, in December 2006, he released the hugely successful album Ten.

The 53-year-old continued to have a successful career with albums like Better and Genesis. He said in 2018 that Bedtime Story, his upcoming album, was in the works.

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