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BTB Savage Real Name And Age | How Old Was Rapper | Wikipedia And Parents

BTB Savage

After high school, the rapper started making songs. Clevelander played basketball at school. He became famous and wealthy. He joined the military to tackle financial concerns. The gifted musician died Thursday (30 March).

How Old Was BTB Savage? Wikipedia

Brian Thompson is BTB Savage. His birthdate is unknown. Based on his photos, the musician was in his 20s. The late rapper was from Cleveland, Ohio. BTB Savage never played music in school.

He attended Churchill High School in San Antonio after moving to Texas. BTB Savage found music after graduating high school. However, resources were lacking to follow his ideal job. He joined the military to enhance his finances.

Insufficient reward prevented improvement. His international fraud arrest prompted BTB deployment. After reparation, he was freed and returned to Fort Hood, Texas. Savage took up rap during army enlistment. After release, he had money to continue.

BTB took rap seriously, spending practically every waking hour in the studio. He had to utilize YouTube tracks, which was frustrating since it took hours to find the greatest or unique rhythm. He and DUVIN, his engineer, started working well together. DUVIN x Chino created his debut single, “Marilyn Manson,” featuring BTB Savage and Veeze.

Pinky’s Oreoz, Break the Bank, Dolce Gabbana, and First Day Out are BTB Savage hits. He has worked with rappers Gramz, Juney Knotzz, Skilla Baby, and Veeze.

BTB Attacks Family

BTB has only been performing for a few years. He still had huge popularity and success. The Clevelander has kept his personal life out of the public. His background is unknown. He must have loved his family.

Houston Shooting Kills BTB Savage

BTB was shot and murdered Thursday, sources said. The rapper was dead when police arrived in River Oaks, Houston. Witnesses said BTB drove a white Mercedes when the suspects arrived in a black Subaru. After many shots, the two suspects exited their car. They ran on San Felipe. Police said the number of shot casings suggests a targeted attack. The inquiry is ongoing.

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