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Burnie Burns And His Wife Make An Ideal ‘Team’

Burnie Burns

Burnie Burns, who has mesmerized millions of followers worldwide, has now met someone who never fails to mesmerize him. His dating life has piqued the interest of the fandom.

Fans have been waiting to know how far he and his wife Ashley Jerkins have gone since they competed as a team on the reality show ‘The Amazing Race 28.’

Where was Burnie Burns born? Nationality, Family

Burnie was born on January 18, 1973, in Rochester, New York. He was, in fact, of one-quarter French-Canadian ancestry. Aside from his nationality, there is another interesting detail about him.

Burnie has never mentioned having a brother, but a man claimed to have seen someone who resembles him in a coffee shop in Canada. The individual even posted an image on Reddit that persuaded many people.

It’s unclear whether he was a doppelganger or his sibling. Burnie continues to live his life as a family man with three sons and a devoted spouse while also excelling in his work. A fulfilling life for the multi-hyphenate American personality!

Burnie Burns and His Partner

The love that arose between the two when they appeared together in the 2016 release American reality show ‘The Amazing Race 28’ drove them to strengthen their friendship with marriage.

After three years of dating, Burnie married his sweetheart Ashley Jerkins in June 2019. Even to this day, the synergy they demonstrated as a team on the reality show has not disappeared.

Most importantly, the couple has been honest about their journey as a family since the beginning and does not miss out on informing their observant fans about their relationship.

On that subject, Burnie’s wife took to Twitter to post some photos from their wedding day in honor of their first wedding anniversary. Ashley captioned some of their nostalgic wedding images nicely,

Our mantra has always been “same team,” and we ran away together one year ago today to make our commitment to each other official.
I don’t want to get ahead of myself, but let’s aim for at least another year.

Now in their third year of marriage, the couple’s love for one another continues to grow stronger with each passing year. On August 25, 2019, they welcomed their son, formalizing their relationship.

The joyful mother couldn’t help but share her joy with the new addition on social media. Without a doubt, the pleased parents are doing everything they can to raise their child into a responsible adult.

Burnie, on the other hand, is not experiencing fatherhood for the first time. He has already sported the mantle of fatherhood bestowed on him by his former marriage.

Burnie’s Previous Marriages

Burns previously married Jordan Burns for over a decade, eleven years to be exact. During their marriage, the actor and his ex-wife had two boys, one of whom is JD, age 20, who may be seen on Burnie’s Instagram profile.

A few years ago, the adoring father made an Instagram post for his son JD’s seventeenth birthday, along with a photo of his adorable son. Furthermore, the identity of his other son is unknown.

After having four children, the couple divorced in 2011, bringing their decade-long marriage to an end. Despite their separation, one thing will undoubtedly keep them connected for the rest of their lives: their children.

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