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Camila Galante- All About The Wife Of Famous Football Player Leandro Paredes

Camila Galante

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Leandro Paredes, an Argentine professional footballer who plays midfield for both his country and Ligue 1 side Paris Saint-Germain, is married to the stunning Camila Galante. Paredes is currently on loan from PSG to Juventus in Serie A. Galante is a prosperous businessperson.

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Her net worth hasn’t been determined yet. The wealth of her husband is still a mystery. According to the sports brief, her husband’s net worth is anticipated to be over $47 million as of November 2022.

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Galante and Paredes had been acquaintances for a while. Her brother and Paredes were teammates when they competed in Boca’s lowest division.

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Paredes recalled his love story during a PSG press conference. He claimed that as soon as he laid eyes on Galante, he fell in love. He fell in love with Galante immediately and even told his mother that she was his girlfriend even though she wasn’t at the time.

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However, he claimed that Galante was the woman he intended to wed. He continued by saying that before meeting her spouse, he had her name tattooed and was head over heels in love with her. He asserted that after getting a tattoo of his wife’s name, he started seeing someone before getting engaged.

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After years of courting, Galante and Paredes wed on December 29, 2017, exchanging vows in a grand ceremony. They started dating in March 2010. Galante is the motivation behind Paredes’ accomplishments.

Together with her husband, Paredes, Galante is the mother of two wonderful children, Victoria and Giovanni. Before their marriage, both of their children were born. The best thing in Paredes’ life, in his opinion, is his family. They make him happy all the time and lift his spirits when he is having a bad day. He further asserts that as a parent, he works hard to inculcate decency and respect in his kids.

Victor Daniel, his father, served as his childhood idol since he instilled in him a passion for football. Paredes claims that until the age of 17, his father played professionally for a Racing team. After his mother became pregnant, his father stopped playing football. He adored Juan Roman Riquelme in football and learned a lot from him even though they were teammates.

The only accessible option was football. He says he’s only ever played football. When he made his professional football debut at the age of 16, it was the best thing that could have happened to him. He replaced Lucas Viatri for six minutes, but it was still a dream come true for him to play at Argentina’s top football level.

Kylian Mbappe and I don’t get along well. Paredes and Mbappe have been working together since 2019, but they haven’t developed a strong friendship. In an interview with ESPN Argentina, he was asked about his friendship with Mbappe. In his reply, he said that he wasn’t the right person to speak about himself, that he could only speak about individuals with whom he had a relationship, and that he had relationships with certain people.

Paredes says he wants to play for Real Madrid and has been at PSG since January 2019. During an interview with @TYC sports, when asked about the team he would most like to play for, he suggested Real Madrid. Though every player wants to wear the Real Madrid jersey, he claimed he has a lot of respect for PSG and is happy with his current circumstances.

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