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Cause Of Death And Obituary For Ronnie Turner: How Did Tina Turner’s Son Pass Away

Ronnie Turner

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The “Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll,” Tina, first became well-known as the lead singer of the Ike & Tina Turner Revue before starting a successful solo career. Turner debuted as a professional in 1957 with Kings of Rhythm. Tina debuted as Little Ann on her first record, “Boxtop,” in 1958.

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In 1960, Tina made her stage debut as Tina Turner with the well-known duet “A Fool in Love.”

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Cause of Death and Obituary for Ronnie Turner: How Did Tina Turner’s Son Pass Away?

When someone dialed 911 on Thursday morning, Ronnie Turner had problems breathing outside their house. According to the coroner’s report from the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner’s Office, Ronnie died as a result of “complications of metastatic colon cancer.”

When paramedics arrived in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles, onlookers started performing C.P.R. Despite everyone’s best efforts, Ronnie, Tina’s second kid, was unable to be saved and was pronounced dead on the scene, according to T.M.Z.

Since then, Tina has posted memorials to her son on social media, lamenting the prematureness of his passing. She cried for Ronnie when she closed her eyes. What finally caused Ronnie Turner’s passing on Friday remains a mystery. His agents have been contacted by N.B.C. News for comment.

In 2018, Ronnie Turner’s brother Craig committed suicide. His aunt Alline Bullock, who was Tina Turner’s sister, passed away in 2010. His father, Ike Turner, died in 2007.

Meet Afida Turner, His Wife

French television personality and musician Afida Turner. In 2007, she wed the musician Ronnie Turner. She released the singles Come With Me and Born an Angel from her studio album Paris-Hollywood in 2011.

Turner has appeared in several films as cameos. She has played the lead in the stage production Requiem for une Conne. In 2022, she published the song Étienne. Her father was from Algeria, while her mother was from Réunion. When she was two years old, her father killed her mother.

She lived with foster households until she was sixteen. She subsequently worked as a ready-to-wear salesperson at Buddha Bar, a bar and lounge in Paris. She started as a singer in the 1990s and “Crazy About You” was her first single.

When she played Lesly in the second season of the reality series Loft Story in 2002, she became well-known. Turner signed a deal with Sony Music, and as Lesly Mess, she released her debut album, Rock Attitude, in 2002.

With the number-one hit Come With Me as the lead single, she released her second album, Paris-Hollywood, in 2011. She then made guest appearances and hosted several French TV shows.

In 2022, she played the lead role in Requiem pour une conne by Baptiste Souriau, which premiered in January at Théâtre Trévise in Paris and enjoyed a successful six-month run. In 2013, she made an appearance in the film Visions Interdites. She appears in the 2018 drama Lumière Noire by Enguerrand Jouvin.

Ronnie’s wife, French singer Afida Turner, shared the news of her husband’s departure on Instagram. She called him “a true angel” and expressed her sorrow over the fact that his passing occurred after the passing of other family members.

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