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Charlize Theron New Boyfriend | Is He Dating Alex Dimitrijevic | Dating History

Charlize Theron

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Charlize Theron, a Hollywood actress, has recently stirred the love pot. In May 2023, she and her partner Alex Dimitrijevic decided to go public with their relationship after years of secrecy.

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Charlize Theron is known for her prior relationships, most notably with actor Sean Penn in December 2013. Her current romance marks a new chapter in her life. Relationships are constantly exposed in the realm of beauty and glam. Given the actress’s controversial dating past, Charlize and Alex’s growing love story has made headlines.

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Here’s a glimpse at their enthralling love story.  Charlize Theron, an actress known for her fiery performances and dominating presence, has once again made headlines. This time, it’s for her growing friendship with model Alex Dimitrijevic. Their love story remained buried until May 2023, when they chose to disclose it.

Charlize Theron Prior Relationships

People have always been intrigued by Charlize’s romantic entanglements. Her most recent significant engagement began in December 2013 when she began dating actor Sean Penn. One of her prior collaborations was with Stuart Townsend. Charlize’s life has begun a new chapter with Alex in it.

Who exactly is Alex Dimitrijevic?

“Who exactly is Alex Dimitrijevic?” many people question. He’s not only Charlize Theron’s boyfriend but also a well-known model. While details regarding his past remain unknown, their link has undoubtedly sparked a great deal of interest and curiosity.

The Public Exposure

Charlize and Alex were seen holding hands, implying that they were in a relationship, revealing their hidden love. This public appearance drew extensive media attention, emphasizing their link with fans all across the world.

Charlize Theron’s Relationship History

Charlize has had a lot of romantic relationships in addition to Sean Penn and Stuart Townsend. Each relationship has its own story, but Alex Dimitrijevic’s appearance seemed to herald a positive turn in her love life.

Spotlight on Alex Dimitrijevic

Alex, who was previously unknown, has suddenly found himself in the spotlight as a result of this link. He’s become a popular issue because he’s romantically linked to Charlize Theron, with people eager to learn more about him and their love story.


Charlize Theron appears to be content with her relationship with Alex Dimitrijevic. Fans and well-wishers are eager to learn more about the couple’s enchanting bond as they continue their adventure together.

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