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Chase Stokes | Cheat On Maddie Cline, Relationship Timeline

Chase Stokes

Maddie Cline, did Chase Stokes cheat on her? What caused their breakup, and why? Learn more by reading this article.

The stars of the Netflix series Outer Banks are Chase Stokes and Maddie Cline.

Cline worked on numerous television and film projects prior to her involvement with Outer Banks, but she is best recognized for her roles in Savannah Sunrise, Boy Erased, This Is the Night, and other films.

Prior to playing the lead in Outer Banks, Stokes worked on a number of other films, including The Beach House, Stranger Things, and others.

The couple’s reasons for divorcing became a hot topic of conversation afterward.

This article will cover the actor’s motivation and dating background. To discover more, keep reading.

Maddie Cline: Did Chase Stokes Cheat On Her?

The couple’s alleged breakup became public knowledge after Stokes and Cline failed to show up together for the Met Gala in 2021.

The rumor spread widely and persisted for a long time. Many people believed that Stokes had cheated on Cline.

Stokes was observed having a sexual encounter with an unknown girl after they broke up. Following then, suspicions about Stokes’ cheating began to circulate.

The couple, however, has not disclosed any information as a result of the speculation.

After a while, it was established that Val Bragg had slept with Stokes. Then, Caline’s followers and Outer Banks followers began criticizing her.

Then Bragg posted a video in which she defends herself against the abuse she received from a large number of Outer Banks fans.

“I’ve been getting so many hate comments and DMs & people just calling me a home-wrecker & telling me that I’m the reason why Chase and his ex broke up, & that’s not true at all,” she continued in a video.

She appeared to be honest, and it appeared that the remark and the gossip bothered her.

Relationship History And Dating Background

After filming the Netflix original Outer Banks, Chase Stokes and Maddie Cline began dating.

The two’s on-screen romance won the hearts of the series’ viewers, who yearned for their union.

After some time, in June 2020, the couple made a public announcement of their love. Since then, they have appeared frequently in each other’s social media posts.

In April 2021, they also celebrated their first anniversary together, however they eventually drifted apart.

Even though they have been apart for almost two years, the couple has never disclosed being in a relationship.

After they split up, Outer Banks viewers wondered if they would reunite for season two. Despite the fact that they are not currently romantically involved, it is hoped that they will be seen together in season two.

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