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Chaya Raichik | Where Is She Now | Death Cause

Chaya Raichik

Chaya Raichik used to work in the real estate sector and is currently the manager of Libs on the website TikTok.

She reposts videos made by liberal and LGBTQ individuals, frequently tagging them with offensive or derogatory remarks.

Her accounts propagate prejudice, false information on transgender healthcare, and anti-LGBTQ language.

Libs of TikTok has amassed over 2 million Twitter followers, making him a powerful figure on the American political right.

On certain platforms, her accounts have been suspended indefinitely or permanently due to policy violations.

Recently, Raichik has drawn attention from right-wing circles. She even appeared on Tucker Carlson’s program.

Among her divisive views is the notion that it is harmful to adults to teach children about LGBT identities.

Additionally, she has argued in favor of the prompt termination of educators who disclose their sexual orientation to their pupils.

Is The Murder of Chaya Raichik Real or Hoax?

Despite not being a resident of Oklahoma, Chaya was unexpectedly named as an advisor to the Oklahoma State Library Committee in January 2024.

Nex Benedict, a 16-year-old student, was killed not long after she assumed this position.

As a result of Raichik reposting one of Nex’s TikTok videos on the Libs TikTok account, Nex was subjected to severe bullying and harassment.

Numerous individuals held Raichik and Libs of TikTok accountable for fostering an atmosphere that aided in Nex’s demise.

Chaya responded to the bogus accusations of “stochastic terrorism” made by the media by tweeting that she was now getting death threats.

Many have countered that Raichik has some moral obligation. She exposed Nex to appalling harassment and trolling by publishing Nex’s video to her millions of followers.

Her anti-LGBTQ comments have fostered a hostile internet environment that preys on impressionable children.

Even though she didn’t specifically call for violence, prejudice, and cruelty are fostered by her venomous remarks and deliberate amplification of other people’s content.

Following this incident, there has been a renewed push on social media networks to restrict profiles such as Libs on TikTok.

Even though Raichik’s appointment to the Oklahoma committee raises questions and she continues to get harsh criticism online, she is adamant that she has done nothing wrong.

The risks that some extreme social media identities represent in the real world have come to light with the passing of Nex Benedict.

Where Is Chaya Raichik Now?

In 2020, Chaya started the “Libs of TikTok” Twitter account.

Previously working as a real estate agent, Raichik shares videos from progressive TikTok users with her conservative following while also adding critical commentary. Her following increased as a result, but liberals began to loathe her.

In 2021, Raichik launched Libs of TikTok after discovering the platform amid COVID-19 lockdowns. She acquired fans by making fun of progressive videos she came across.

Nex Benedict, a 16-year-old student from Oklahoma, was recently killed when Libs of TikTok published their video.

Many believe that Raichik’s online harassment of LGBTQ children like Nex contributed to the society that killed Nex, even if she is not legally accountable for it.

Raichik says that despite not apologizing for her role, she now receives death threats.

Even if unwittingly, some claim she encourages violence against vulnerable groups in real life.

Though Raichik refuses to acknowledge how her radicalism damages people, The ibs of TikTok continue to incite uproar to get clicks.

Raichik later said that she had also received death threats. She has, however, mostly refrained from acknowledging her part in Nex Benedict’s death and from offering an apology.

Even while she is not legally liable, many contend that she is responsible for stoking the same animosity that ultimately led to Nex’s death.

The incident demonstrates how, whether on purpose or not, extreme media identities may encourage harassment and violence in the real world.

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