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Cheng Buck Poh Family | Wife Goo Guik Bing | Daughter Cheng Li Hui And Son

Cheng Buck Poh

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Hai Leck Holdings Ltd. and Hai Leck Engineering Pte Ltd. were established by Cheng Buck Poh. At Hai Leck Holdings Limited, Poh serves as Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. Family members of the well-known businessman actively participate in his enterprise.

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This piece explores the fascinating tale of Cheng Buck Poh and his family, following their ascent to prominence and emphasizing their accomplishments. This story illustrates a family that has made a lasting impact on a variety of industries, from Cheng Buck Poh’s business endeavors to his wife’s successes and their kids’ abilities.

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Cheng Buck Poh Family Explored 

The founder of Hai Leck Engineering Pte Ltd. and Hai Leck Holdings Ltd. is visionary businessman Cheng Buck Poh. Information on Poh’s wife and daughter is the most readily available, making his family a topic of public curiosity. Regarding his parents, not much is known about them; their identities are kept somewhat secret. Although it is known that he is married and has a daughter, not much information about them has been made public.

It is important to note, nevertheless, that unconfirmed speculations regarding the potential presence of a son in the family have been going around. Cheng Buck Poh is a well-known businessman who plays a significant role in the engineering sector; his family has received notice. They’ve also been able to keep some privacy despite the speculation about a possible son.

Meet Cheng Buck Poh’s Wife Goo Guik Bing

Cheng Buck Poh’s wife is Goo Guik Bing. In addition, she has a 47-year-old daughter named Li Hui who enjoys the same level of popularity as her spouse. Goo Guik Bing, on the other hand, appears to be renowned for being an incredibly private individual who prefers to keep her private affairs hidden from the public. Despite her daughter’s well-known position as a Member of Parliament in Singapore, not much is known about her because she chooses to keep a low profile.

Guok Goo Bing’s inclination for seclusion has enabled her to live a life free from significant media coverage. She undoubtedly continues to be committed to providing for her family while avoiding the spotlight. As a result, little is known about her past, her hobbies, or her role in public life.

Cheng Buck Poh’s Daughter Li Hui

When Cheng Li Hui’s relationship with Speaker of Parliament Tan Chuan-Jin came to light, both of them resigned, making headlines. Before entering the political sphere, Cheng demonstrated her dedication to community service by helping her father with neighborhood projects while she was in high school. She succeeded former minister Mah Bow Tan as a member of the Parliament for the Tampines GRC in 2015.

In December 2021, Cheng was also named as an independent director of Sheng Siong, a chain of supermarkets. During her time in politics, Cheng supported several causes, such as daycare facilities, elective egg freezing, and newborn care. She also occupied important roles at Hai Leck Holdings, the business owned by her family, serving as executive director of operations and then deputy chief executive.

The notoriety of her resignation as a Member of Parliament and her liaison with a high-profile political figure probably generated a great deal of public and media interest. Owing to Cheng’s previous political positions, the public is frequently interested in such high-profile events involving prominent people. In a similar vein, news of her departure and her family’s business connections have probably naturally attracted media and public interest.

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