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Chino Darin | Parents And Girlfriend

Chino Darin

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On January 14, 1989, in San Nicolás de las Arroyos, Argentina, Chino Darin was born. Richardo Darin, the well-known actor, is the father of Darin. As of 2021, the actor is 32 years old.

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Darin comes from a multiethnic background.

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Because his father, renowned actor Richardo Darin, is in the public eye, Chino Darin has been in the spotlight since before he was born. Chino has been in the same industry since 2010 like his father. After playing Fabián Graziani in the courtroom drama Farsantes, he got his big break.

Furthermore, Darin gained further notoriety once he began dating Money Heist actress Ursula Corbero. Since 2016, the two have been together.

Who Are The Parents of Chino Darin? His Father Is A Film Director And Veteran Actor

Ricardo Darín and Florencia Bas are the parents of Darin. Florencia Bas, another Argentine, is his mother. However, many people consider his father Richardo to be one of the most well-known performers in Argentine cinema.

His many years of dedication to the business, which included parts in comedies like Luna de Avellaneda and the Academy Award–winning crime thriller The Secret in Their Eyes, were crucial in bringing Argentine cinema to a global audience.

Richardo, Chin’s father, was reared in Buenos Aires and began his amateur career in theater. Richardo started appearing in TV series at the age of sixteen. And after playing a memorable part in the critically acclaimed crime drama Nine Queens, the actor became well-known.

In addition, Truman, The Aura, and other successful projects are among his other endeavors.

In addition, Darin is of mixed ancestry and possesses Argentine nationality because his family is Lebanese and Italian.

Clara Darín is his sister as well. They have a close relationship, and they frequently show off their affection for one another on social media.

His Parents Were Actors As Well

In addition to his parents, Ricardo Darín Sr. and Renee Roxana, Chino’s paternal grandparents, also achieved great success in the entertainment industry. His grandmother Roxana, who worked in show industry for more than 50 years, passed away at the age of 87.

What Is Chino Darin’s Age? Information About His Ethnie

In 2021, Darin will be 32 years old. He was born in San Nicolás de Los Arroyos, Argentina, on January 14, 1989.

His Career: TV and Film Parts

Chino Darin kick-started his acting career with the character of Stuka in an Argentine drama Alguien que me quiera in 2010. The actor made an appearance in the live-action superhero television series Los únicos the following year.

Following his charming portrayal of Fabián Graziani in the popular film Farsantes (2013–14), Darin achieved success. The actor eventually started to appear in numerous other well-known TV shows, including Historia de un clan and Viudas e Hijos del Rock & Roll.

Darin starred as Carlos Guillén in La embajada (2016), costarring with Ursula Corbero, his future girlfriend.

Darin is recognized for his work in films such Volley (2015), Death in Buenos Aires (2014), and The Queen of Spain (2016) in addition to his small-screen performances.

Chino made appearances in Mirage and A Twelve-Year Night in 2018.

Who Is Chino Darin Dating? In 2021, his girlfriend

For years now, Darin has been deeply in love with Ursula Corbero, his girlfriend. In 2016, the two got to know one other on the set of La embajada. Since then, they have remained together.

In addition, they both have a similar passion for performing. The pair costarred in an advertisement for Madame Figaro, Le Figaro’s supplement, in September 2016.

In addition, Darin and his girlfriend Corbero like dogs. He has two dogs, Kenya and Marón, and his partner Ursula’s puppy is named Lolita.

A Brief Bio Of The Girlfriend Of Chino Darin

One well-known actress and model is Ursula. Following her portrayal of Ruth Gomez in Física o química, she gained media attention. Her well-known performance in the comedy film Cómo Sobrevivir an una Despedida helped her become even more well-known.

In addition, the Netflix series Money Heist, which is currently in its fifth season, currently has Chino’s boo as the lead character.

Chino Darin’s Previous Partnerships

Darin used to be associated with a lot of celebrities. He once had a love connection with the Argentine actress and model Calu Rivero, who is now his ex-girlfriend.

In late 2012, the two initially met during a get-together of friends. Before their 2013 breakup, they had been together for a year. He dated Magui Bravi and Maypi Delgado as well.

Chino Darin’s 2021 Net Worth

He has amassed a sizeable net worth, estimated by some reliable internet sources to be about $1.5 million. His work in TV series and movies is his sole significant source of income.

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