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Christian Helger | 29 Years Old Utah Ski Resort Employee Death

Christian Helger

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According to officials, a team member at a Utah ski resort died on December 2 after falling from a chairlift. Learn more about Christian Helger’s accident.

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The accident was reported on Monday, but the person’s identity was not revealed. Following the incident, the area was closed around 1 p.m.

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Everyone from the chairlift area had been evacuated, and the inquiry was underway. Helga was working in a field when the tree crashed on him and he couldn’t get out.

Everyone is interested in learning more about Helga’s accident case; join us to learn more. Everything you need to know about the incident will be included.

Christian Helger Peril: Utah Ski Resort Employee Killed When Tree Falls On Chairlift

On January 4, the Summit County Sheriff’s Office recognized him as Christian Helger, a Millcreek resident.

Helga, a member of the Park City Mountain crew, died Monday morning after falling off a chairlift after a tree fell on the lift line.

The incident occurred at 10:45 a.m. on Monday; he was working in his life and was a ski patroller at the time when he became unseated.

A tree collapsed on the resort, according to Sara Huey, senior communications manager, and the man fell from a height of 25 feet.

It was terrifying to watch, and everyone who witnessed the episode was stunned and terrified.

Park City Mountain Ski Patrol responded promptly after the tree crashed on him and attempted to save his life, but he died.

Ski Patrol put everyone in a safe place, locked the areas, and responded to the incident. They moved quickly since Helga’s life was in danger.

According to the Sheriff’s Office Capt., the tree struck the line behind the chair Helger was riding in, and once the tree collapsed, he fell 50 feet into heavy snow.

When the tree was ultimately cut down, he died on the spot. No other passengers or teammates were inconvenienced. Helger was the sole worker in the field.

It came out of nowhere, and everyone was busy at work. After 10 a.m., the vice president and chief operational officer arrived at the scene.

Because it was an accident and no one did it on purpose, everyone has expressed their condolences to his family and friends.

After his identity was determined on January 4, his body was returned to his family.

“The Park City Mountain team shared condolence, extending their deepest sympathy and support to the family and friends of our team member,” the company said after learning of the event.

“We are all deeply saddened by this tragic incident,” said Deirdra Walsh, Park City Mountain’s vice president and chief operating officer. “We will support our employees as we grieve this devastating loss.”

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