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Colin Lenton Rowe | Meet Shirley Eaton’s Husband

Colin Lenton Rowe

Shirley Eaton is wed to Colin Lenton Rowe. Colin Lenton Rowe’s wife is an English actress. In the 1950s and 1960s, she was a regular in British movies, but her most well-known performance was as Bond Girl Jill Masterson in the James Bond movie Goldfinger, which made her a famous bombshell.

Meet the husband of Shirley Eaton, Colin Lenton Rowe

Most people know Colin Lenton Rowe as Shirley Eaton’s husband. He was created in 1929 in Edmonton, Middlesex, England. He was the son of Victor Rowe and Hilda Rowe, according to Geni. While Eaton started acting at the age of 12 and has been in 29 movies, including “What A Carve Up” and “Goldfinger,” Geni claims that her husband was a builder.

Colin Lenton Rowe and Shirley Eaton’s nuptials

On Monday, August 5, 1957, Eaton and Colin Lenton Rowe were united in marriage in a grand ceremony. When they got married, she was 21 and he was 27. Grant Rowe and Jason Rowe were the couple’s two children, and they also had five grandkids. In a 1999 interview with Starlog magazine’s Steve Swires, the Goldfinger actress said, “A career is a career, but you’re a mother until you die.”

She later gave up acting to focus on raising her family. She was 32 years old when she retired. On June 18, 2008, she said in an interview with author James Davies that “the most important thing for me was being a woman and having a family more than being a very famous glamorous actress.”

Death of Colin Lenton Rowe

In 1994, Shirley Eaton’s husband passed away. He passed very suddenly while he was only 64 years old. The cause of his passing has not been disclosed by the family. Shirley lived in France for a while after her husband passed away. In 1995, she went back to London.

The actress published his debut book, Golden Girl, in 1999. Her third book, Shirley Eaton, Bond’s Golden Girl; her own ART Gallery, contains all of her paintings and sculptures created over the course of her lifetime in addition to her art and photography. She also published her second book, Golden Girl Shirley Eaton: Her Reflections, which is a picture book of all of her film photos from her career.

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