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Cory Patrick Riley | Amanda Riley Husband Was Unaware Of Her Scamming Tactic

Amanda Riley

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Amanda C. Riley is presently serving a five-year sentence for feigning cancer and deceiving others at FMC Carswell in Fort Worth, Texas.

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The prison houses prisoners with varied levels of security and special medical needs. She must pay back $105,513 for her dishonesty. Amanda Christine Riley was a well-known blogger and influencer with a sizable niche following. On October 12, 2012, she established her blog, ‘Lymphoma Can Suck It.’

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She used to lie about her Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, a type of cancer, diagnosis on her blog. She shared her story over social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Amanda even provided a link to cancer research in her blog article, which she never used. Her unaware audience and others contributed to her fund, which quickly ballooned to about $60,000.

Amanda had a good fraud strategy; she even showed a forged doctor’s note suggesting that she had gotten therapy. Her money-laundering operation, however, was short-lived when Arlette Lee, an IRS special agent, filed a criminal complaint against her on July 27, 2020, charging her with one count of wire fraud.

She was sentenced to five years in prison and had to pay a $105 fine on May 3, 2022. Her story is presented again on the ‘Lionsgate Podcast’ after a year in prison under the title “Scamanda”: Amanda and Scammer.

Amanda Riley’s Husband Cory Patrick Riley and her two children

Amanda Riley, a former Pac Point Christian Academy administrator, spent most of her tenure in California. She lived in cities such as Los Gatos, San Lorenzo, Riverside, and Gilroy in California. Meanwhile, she met her husband, nine years her senior, Cory Patrick Riley. The couple has two sons whom they adore and wish to provide for in every way.

This could be why Amanda chose the quick-money option of scamming. Her crime, however, will never be prosecuted as a result of this. After Amanda was sentenced to prison, her husband and two sons emigrated from California to Austin, Texas, USA. Furthermore, no information has been published regarding her spouse or sons.

Cory Patrick Riley: Amanda Riley’s Husband Was Unaware Of Her Scamming Tactic

Amanda C. Riley’s husband, Cory Patrick Riley, was reportedly unaware of his wife’s extensive scamming tactics. He said in court that he had no awareness of her fraudulent conduct and denied any role in her schemes. The public, on the other hand, expressed concern over his lack of awareness, suspecting that they discussed the idea in order to secure their children’s future, allowing one of them to avoid legal trouble.

Amanda Riley’s Personal Relationships

Amanda Riley was born in 1985 into a wealthy family. Her family, on the other hand, stayed in her life. Amanda’s mental condition was unstable as a result of her parents’ continual disagreements and harsh child disciplinary practices. So she did experience traumatic events as a child.

We couldn’t tell if she was close to her family and siblings. We also cannot deny that she convinced her parents and brother that she had Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. When her brother testified in court, he maintained that they were completely oblivious of the deception and were sincerely aiding her in her battle with cancer.

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