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Dana Perino | Husband | Married Life

Dana Perino

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American political pundit and journalist Dana Perino gained notoriety for her presence on Fox’s The Five program. Dana is not only a happy married woman but also has a fulfilling work.

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Dana and her husband Peter McMahon have been happily married for more than 20 years. We know they’ve been married for a long time, but many of you must be curious about whether or not they have kids.

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Dana Perino and her spouse Peter McMahon have been blissfully wed since 1998.

It is uncommon to find celebrities or news anchors who have been married for two decades. Dana and Peter are among the few pairs that have remained together for an extended period of time.

Even though Dana notes that there were some concessions made by all parties, everything turned out well in the end.

Perino enumerated the key components of a happy marriage in an essay that was posted on the FOX News website. For both Dana and Peter, every word has a profound significance. Says she

The secret to everything? Trust and thankfulness. Grace. dedication. adoration. Give up.

Furthermore, many of you may not be aware that Dana’s hubby had a significant role in helping her advance her career. In the same piece, she described how her life was completely transformed by meeting Peter.

She gained employment at the George W. Bush administration after meeting Peter, and it was Peter who pushed her to become a member of “The Five.” Dana wasn’t sure whether she should accept the position when FOX News first approached her, but Peter stood forward and said, “I’ll handle everything here—you go.”

As they say, the rest is history.

We’ll tell you about her wedding and their honeymoon destination in the future section.

When and where was Peter and Dana Perino’s wedding?

Twelve months after first meeting, in 1998, Dana and her husband Peter exchanged vows. Her husband’s birthplace of Blackpool in northern England was the site of their lovely wedding.

Only close friends and family were invited to the private and sacred event. The couple chose Santorini, a neighboring Greek island in the Aegean Sea, for their romantic retreat. Their ten-day honeymoon was spent there.

After being married, they resided in England for a year before relocating to San Diego.

How Did It All Start? Their Initial Encounter

Given their closeness, it is difficult to think that their initial meeting was just a coincidence. Dana and Peter were seated next to one other on the Denver to Chicago American Airlines trip.

McMahon was in Denver for work and had a business back in England. Dana, on the other hand, was also in Denver for work.

McMahon requested that this short blonde sit next to him even before he was seated, and his wish was fulfilled. Peter, who didn’t interact with others very much on flights, kept himself busy by reading “The Tailor of Panama.”

Dana had commented on the book he was reading, so that’s when she struck up the discussion. She said that the book was also read by one of her pals. The icebreaker was the statement.

Following two and a half hours of nonstop conversation, they traded business cards. Peter returned to England later on, but he and Perino were both consumed by thoughts of her.

Peter took a business trip to Washington six weeks after the event. After that, he met Perino in Georgetown, and the two quickly became romantically involved.

Dana declined Peter’s proposal right away.

As Peter recalls their engagement, it was spontaneous. He proposed to her when they were out on a date near the Washington Cathedral

Unfortunately for him, she took a while to respond. Dana took her time, and on the anniversary of their first encounter, she responded in writing. A few weeks later, they took out for their wedding in England.

Are Dana and Peter Parents?

No, the couple hasn’t yet welcomed a biological child. Peter’s prior relationship gave birth to two children, nevertheless. (More details to follow)

In spite of everything, Dana and Peter are enjoying their married life and are not thinking about starting a family. In addition, they have Jasper, their beloved dog, who is as special.

Dana loves Jasper so much and posts frequent photos of her dog on Instagram. In addition to Jasper, the couple’s dog is called Henry.

Concerning Peter McMahon And Dana Perino’s Previous Relationships

Both Dana and Peter experienced a number of unsuccessful relationships before to meeting one other. When Dana first met Peter in the 1990s, she had been dating intermittently.

She wasn’t in a committed relationship since she was too busy advancing her profession. In contrast, Peter had already entered into marriage before to meeting his future spouse. He had two marriages that didn’t last, both ending in divorce.

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