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Daniella Monet Has Been In A Relationship With Andrew Gardner

Daniella Monet

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American singer and actress Daniella Monet. She is most recognized for her guest appearances in television series, most notably as Trina Vega on the Nickelodeon sitcom Victorious. Since childhood, she was a fan of the Nickelodeon series.

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On February 12, 2021, Daniella Monet and her fiancé Andrew Gardner will welcome their daughter Ivry. The couple announced the news on Instagram with the statement,

“Baby girl arrives, huge, lovely, and healthy,” Gardner states in a re-shared statement. “@daniellamonet is a champion, and our affection for her could not be greater. Thank you for your assistance.” Monet continues, “We are really in love.”

Status in Relationships for Daniella Monet

Daniella is in a very happy, long-term relationship. She is in a relationship with Andrew Gardner. He has played American football since 2011. They have been together for over six years, and their relationship is still strong.

She has had few previous relationships. Before her current relationship, she dated the American model Brian Patrick Kehoe. In 2008, the pair dated for only six months before breaking up.

Daniella and Patrick are purchasing their initial home

In 2015, the former actress of Victorious, Daniella Monet, and her long-term lover, Andrew Gardner, jointly purchased a home.

Daniella informed her followers on social media about their major acquisition.

“It’s been one spectacular week… With Christmas approaching, we have SO much for which to be thankful — I’m ecstatic to announce that @gaftonguy and I have just moved into our FIRST NEW HOME TOGETHER, and we are over the ‘actual’ roof delighted!

It is a fantastic fit for us. You’ll see me frequently in the kitchen (keep tuned)????… AND today is our 3-year-old toddler @hashtagsofi’s birthday! We are beyond grateful to have her in our lives. It is indeed the season to be merry??? – There is so much to celebrate that I cannot even. – Follow me on Snapchat (daniemo) to stay in touch with us!”

Rumor of Couple’s Engagement

There was a report that Daniella was engaged to her longtime beau and that the wedding bells would soon ring.

The tabloids also said that Daniella and her longtime boyfriend, Andrew Gardner, had begun wedding preparations and had begun the wedding shopping. Some publications suggested that the couple had eloped! However, these rumors were all incorrect.

She elucidated,

“We’re not engaged. So, this is an entertaining but false rumor. People undoubtedly presume so because we have been together for so long.”

Daniella regarding cast reunions for Victorious

The cast of Victorious had a lot of fun while filming. This is the reason why, unlike other star casts, the members of this cast are close.

Even when recalling behind-the-scenes moments during get-togethers, the team still laughs when discussing them.

The brunette disclosed,

“It was the episode of Brain [Squeezers] where we were all on a game show panel. Every time we were in a scene together, it was pure chaos, but on this particular night, we stayed till incredibly, extremely, really late.

I recall that we were all completely delirious, and Dan Schneider, the creator of Victorious, was playing pranks on us because he could see us on the monitors.

We had our phones confiscated. It was just hilarious. We had the most enjoyable times when we were all in scenes together, since it’s so much fun. You simply work alongside your friends.”

“I appreciate the tenacity of the Nicky, Ricky, Dicky, and Dawn children since I started doing TV shows and other things around the same age.

I adore that despite their youth, they are all extremely competent and skilled in their own fields. It’s a lot of joy working with them.”

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