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David Banner- Everything About His Relationship

David Banner

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Rapper David Banner claims he has sufficiently sexualized black women in his songs. He’s looking for a black wife, and his 2015 song “Marry Me” was a love letter to all black women. In his lyrics, David Banner does not sexualize women. The early 2000s hitmaker has always advocated for the independence of black women.

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Banner aspires to be the type of ideal African man that most black women would love to wed. The 46-year-old bachelor seemed keen to settle down with a woman of color and start a family after becoming prosperous.

He has already harmed enough people

The rapper acknowledged that he has trivialized black women throughout his career in an interview with Essence published in November 2015. Probably because he only recognized the sexiness of women in some of his songs. He claims he needs to “clear his spirit” and “balance his energy,” however he doesn’t condemn other musicians who do the same.

Fair enough, the rapper didn’t just decide to change his music one morning. The rapper has been releasing thought-provoking songs like Cadillac’s on 22’s, Bush, Ridin, and others in addition to his club bangers with subpar lyrics. The more experienced rapper appears to base his beliefs on important issues other than sexuality, such as empowerment and morality.

He tried to make marriage an institution again

The singer of Like A Pimp has frequently stated that women of color don’t feel wanted. He suggests that this might be the case since prosperous black men rarely wed black women, and when they do, the women don’t appear to be African.

The typical black woman has lost faith in marriage and chooses to wed unsupportive, uncaring guys.

The rapper from Mississippi claims that his 2015 song Marry Me revives black marriage aspirations. He wants black ladies to know through the song that a prosperous black man (like himself) still wants a black bride.

This song is dedicated to “all” Black women, although it is especially meant for those with darker skin tones. In our society, women do not feel secure. They don’t feel desired. If you look at who the majority of so-called successful people cater to, it is rarely a Black woman. Furthermore, if there are any, they are not our great-grandmothers or cousins. And I assured him that if anyone in the world were to declare their love, respect, and desire for them, it would be me.

The only reported relationship for the banner suggests that she is single

The rapper claimed in 2015 that his career in music, acting, and business (he has a multimedia company called “A Banner Vision”) prevented him from finding time for marriage. The actor-rapper-entrepreneur claims he can now be a “great parent and spouse” because his business is self-sustaining.

The 46-year-old is still single despite exhibiting signals of being ready for marriage more than 5 years ago. Additionally, the well-known hip-hop artist has only ever publicly been associated with one woman, actress Tichina Arnold. However, neither party has formally denied the rumor, thus their alleged affiliation is still a mystery.

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