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Deb Chub And Jesse Bray Broke Up After Four Months Of Dating

Deb Chub

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In the fourth Love Island USA season, The original second-place finishers on the Peacock show were Deb Chubb and Jesse Bray. The couple announced their breakup after four months of dating.

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Deb shared the news with her fans via an Instagram story, explaining that their original intention to live close to one another had failed. The two decided that they would be friends rather than get married as a result.

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On his tale, Jesse Bray posted Deb’s Instagram picture

Since the very first episode of Love Island USA season 4, which ended in July 2022, Jesse Bray and Deb Chubb have been dating. They did, however, lose track of one another on the program a few times before reconnecting. After Deb confirmed their split, Jesse posted the image on his Instagram page.

In an effort to make their relationship work, Jesse went to California in October. He lived an hour away from her, so they were unable to spend much time together. Deb recently spoke with E! News about the two of them.

Only a few days after this interview, Deb and Jesse made their separation official.

The romance between Deb and Jesse on Love Island USA

On the opening episode of Love Island USA season 4, Deb and Jesse were partnered (which aired on July 19, 2022). The two fought visibly at first to make their relationship work. Before going back to Deb, Jesse had a brief romance with Valerie.

After spending a lot of time perfecting their chemistry, Deb decided to join forces with someone else for the Casa Amor segment. She entered the villa with Kyle Fraser, but when she saw Jesse leaving alone and without a companion, she felt heartbroken. The following day, Kyle left the program, and Deb made an effort to win Jesse back.

During the last few episodes of Love Island USA season 4, Deb started to question her love for Jesse. When Isaiah-Sydney and Zeta-Timmy became engaged, her worries escalated. After that, she declined Jesse’s offer, saying she wasn’t prepared for “something so serious.”

Jesse agreed with Deb and chose to give his romance more time outside the villa despite his sorrowful feelings. In the fourth season finale of Love Island USA, Jesse and Deb finished third and departed the island together. After dating for four months, the couple announced their breakup on Tuesday.

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