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Did Bella Poarch Cheat On Husband Tyler Poarch With Tyga

Bella Poarch

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The name is Bella Poarch should need no introduction. The lip-syncing skills of the Filipino singer and social media star propelled her to prominence on Tiktok.

She is the third most-followed user on TikTok with approximately 91 million fans. In 2021, she also launched a successful musical career and obtained a record deal with Warner Records.

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The stunning singer, who has a massive fan base despite her secret marriage, has kept it under wraps. She also never spoke of her husband or showed him any photos. Read on to learn details about the singer’s love life and marriage that have never before been revealed.

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Did She Cheat on Him with Tyga?

Bella Poarch’s rumored relationship with rapper Tyga first appeared online in September 2021.

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The myth spread after the two artists appeared in a few TikTok videos together. In a Los Angeles residence, the two musicians were spotted dancing to the rapper’s music.

Later, Bella commented on the rumor and dispelled the misconceptions. She added that she is only the rapper’s buddy.

In November of 2022, Bella Poarch, a popular TikTok celebrity, filed for divorce from her husband, Tyler Poarch. According to the official record, the pair has been married for quite some time.

Bella and Tyler reportedly got married in January of this year, according to E! News. The magazine has obtained a court record that indicates they separated on an unknown date.

The celebrity also stated she will be keeping her surname and asked that no spousal support payments be made.

Fans took to social media to voice their dismay at learning that the performer had been secretly married throughout their entire time with her.

One Twitter user pointed out that despite Bella’s marriage lasting for years, few people realized how much they valued their privacy.

One more penned Poarch claimed that Bella’s admirers admired her close circle of friends and family for being discreet and respectful of her personal life.

One fan wrote that it would take an absurd degree of stealth to keep a man hidden for four years throughout a high-profile career.

What Happened Between Bella Poarch and Her Husband

Fans are astonished not only to learn that Bella Poarch is married in secret but also that her surname is not Poarch but rather that of her spouse. Denarie Bautista Taylor is her stage name.

Despite keeping her marriage private, Bella has been candid about her experiences in the dating and breakup scene.

The musician revealed her single status to H3 Podcast in July 2021. She also discussed her breakup with her ex-boyfriend during her time in the Navy.

She received an email from her ex-partner that read, “I’m sorry, but I’m unable to do this any longer,” as recalled by the “Build a Bitch” singer. I’ve decided to end things between us. Never respond to my messages.

When asked how her time in the Navy affected her capacity to interact with others, Bella Poarch stated that she “didn’t know anything about starting a relationship.”

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