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Dionna Odom Glover: Meet Astronaut Victor Glover Wife And Family

Dionna Odom Glover

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Victor Glover, a well-known individual in the USA, served as both the NASA astronaut and the pilot of SpaceX Crew Dragon’s first voyage to the International Space Station.

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But ever since their marriage, Dionna Odom Glover has been in the public eye. We shall examine Dionna Odom Glover’s age, family, and marriage to Victor Glover in depth in this post.

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Dionna Odom Glover is a Black American citizen who was born and raised in Berkeley, California.

The pair hasn’t yet made her age or birthdate public, however. She isn’t included on Wikipedia, although Victor Glover’s profile there has details on her and her family.

After getting married, Dionna Odom gladly adopted her husband’s surname. The pair enjoys a close relationship and has been blissfully married for more than 18 years.

Genesis, Joia, Maya, and one other unnamed daughter total four children. Dionna and Victor really value their family, and they often post photos of it on social media.

victoria glover’s wife and children

What is known, however, about Dionna Odom Glover’s family is little. We still don’t know her parents’ names or anything about her siblings.

However, her family and kids seem to be the passion of her life and the symbol of their union.

Victor Glover makes between $66,167 and $161,141 per year in compensation, or around $141,000 per year.

Even though his exact net worth is unclear, he unquestionably has a million dollars. Dionna Odom Glover’s occupation and wealth, however, remain unknown.

Victor Handler

In conclusion, Dionna Odom Glover is a great lady who has been Victor Glover’s rock and pillar of support despite the fact that he is a well-known astronaut and pilot. Together, they have created a lovely family and have happy lives.

Dionna Odom Glover is unquestionably a vital part of Victor Glover’s life, and although much about her is still unknown, her love and support have greatly aided in his success.

Victor Glover, whose Twitter handle is @astrovicglover, is a frequent user of both platforms. His followers total 95.2k on Instagram, and he often publishes content with them.

He has 187.8k followers on his @AstroVicGlover Twitter account. He often tweets updates and insights to keep his fans up to speed on his whereabouts.

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