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Dj Maphorisa Brother – Is He Related To Myztro? Parents And Family

Dj Maphorisa

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About Dj Maphorisa Brother, people are interested. Fans turn their attention to the DJ’s parents and family after being mesmerized by his music. He is a DJ, singer, and record producer from South Africa best known for the song Hello.

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Themba Sekowe, well known by his stage name DJ Maphorisa, is a well-renowned Amapiano producer and party DJ. He recently received negative media attention after being captured on a Sunday.

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He was detained by the responsible authorities after allegations that he had violently abused his girlfriend, Thuli Phongolo.

Ba Straata, Abalele, Makhe, Emcimbini (Mixed), Asibe Happy, Shona Kwelanga, and Koo Koo Fun are just a few of his well-known songs.

In a formal statement delivered at the Sandton Police Station, Phongolo revealed the specifics of the assassination.

The alleged gender-based assault occurred in Thuli Phongolo’s home in Sandton, Johannesburg, as was reported in the reports. The City Press also claims that Phongolo approached DJ about an argument they had the night before.

Former actress Phongolo gained notoriety for her role in “Generations: The Legacy.”

Is the brother of Dj Maphorisa connected to Myztro?

Whether Dj Maphorisa is connected to Myztro is a hot issue on social media. Myztro is Dj Maphorisa’s brother, according to the plethora of social media postings on Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram.

For people who are unaware of Myztro, the young musician created or co-produced a few of the popular songs on the newest Scorpion Kings album. Emcimbini, Piki Piki, and Mi Amor are some of his best-known works.

Likewise, Dj Maphorisa was actively making music prior to his imprisonment and the scandal surrounding alleged physical abuse.

A number of social media users, mostly on Facebook, published a post revealing an interesting fact about the artist, stating that Myztro is the artist’s younger brother.

It is difficult to distinguish between real news and fake news on social media because of the abundance of false rumors and accusations. If the two are connected, only time will tell.

The Parents And Family Of Dj Maphorisa

DJ Maphorisa, also known as Themba Sonnyboy Sekowe, was born on November 15, 1987. His father is a Nigerian, while his mother is from South Africa, hence both of his parents are of African descent.

His parents’ names and other family members’ information are unknown to the media, as stated by a number of web portals, including AnswersAfrica and Briefly News.

In Soshanguve, Pretoria, South Africa, his family reared him. Maphorisa looked to the entertainment industry for greater chances.

Maphorisa reportedly did not grow up in the strictest manner possible since he had greater freedom and leisure.

He hasn’t shared many details about his parents, other than to say that they are the reason he is successful. The South African DJ has also kept his familial history a secret.

Details Of The Dj Maphorisa Case And Allegations

The arrest of Amapiano producer DJ Maphorisa is making headlines on several websites. Authorities saw Maphorisa’s boyfriend Phongolo entering the Police station, as noted in the records that were publicly disclosed.

She reportedly suffered significant neck bruising. The former actress said in her taped statement that she had neck, right face, arms, and chest injuries.

Maphorisa’s girlfriend reported to the police that the DJ assaulted her when she approached him during an argument, striking her in the face.

She admitted that after the first slap, he proceeded to physically attack her, as was indicated in the reports.

Who or what started the dispute is still a mystery. According to an insider report, the couple had tremendous challenges in their relationship. According to reports, the DJ and Thuli had a fierce argument before.

Based on Phongolo’s statement, it was unclear if the two were set to play at the same venue, but they got into a fight in front of other people.

According to sources, the two argued in early December in response to adultery claims, but no police record came out of the altercation.

DJ Maphorisa is scheduled to appear in court to answer for alleged assault. The artist asked to speak with his lawyers to discuss bail while in police custody, according to a report familiar with the circumstances.

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