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Dom Mazzetti

Dom Mazzetti

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Dom Mazzetti- Biography

Mike Tornabene was born on May 15, 1989, in New York City, USA, of part-Italian descent, under the zodiac sign of Taurus and with American nationality — better known online as Dom Mazzetti or Bro Science Guy (the character he developed), he is well-known for his work as a comedian and YouTuber.

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What is the Net Worth of Dom Mazzetti? Salary, Earnings

According to credible sources, his current net worth is estimated to be more than $400,000, and it is rapidly increasing as a result of his YouTuber and comic careers.

Mike maintains a strong presence on multiple big social media sites, which is critical to his online influencer business.

Dom Mazzetti- Birth, Age, Ethnicity, Siblings, Education

Mike spent his entire childhood in New York with his parents, but he cannot be heard discussing them since he respects their privacy and does not want them to be involved in the media. He doesn’t appear to have any siblings, as he hasn’t mentioned them.
Mike has been interested in comedy since he was eight years old when he met Gian Hunjan, his best buddy whose sense of humor matches his own.

They immediately started drafting amusing screenplays together and working on their own sketches. They went on to attend the same high school and started working at the same restaurant – Mike believes the restaurant was the start of their comedic career because they began entertaining the staff there on a daily basis.

Mike enrolled in New York University after graduating from high school and earned a bachelor’s degree four years later.

Dom Mazzetti- Relationship, Girlfriend

Mike is relatively discreet about his personal life, as he hasn’t revealed many specifics about his past and present relationships to the public.

Mike met his girlfriend Lee Marie Deming at the gym years ago — they had been going to the same gym for about a year but had not noticed each other until Mike happened to walk past her while walking around the gym. They fell in love right away and started dating just a few days later — despite being in a relationship for years, there’s no evidence that the two are planning on getting married anytime soon, and they haven’t discussed creating a family. Lee Marie is a graphic designer who works as the digital marketing manager at Trainor Associates.

Mike hasn’t mentioned any other woman he may have dated prior to Lee since he doesn’t want to make his girlfriend envious.

Dom Mazzetti- Professional Career

Mike spent most of his time at New York University drinking and gaming with his buddies and housemates. They were six guys who lived together and spent most of their time playing the video game “Halo” – they had a store across the street where they could get alcohol and didn’t have to spend much time outside. Mike got the most of his ideas for his and Gian’s sketches during this time in his life.

Mike and Gian began working on their first comedy show during their senior year; they began uploading their films to the internet, and while they received favorable feedback, there were not many people watching their videos.

The couple did not give up; instead, they began working at any job they could find in order to launch their acting careers. One of the oddest jobs they did was caring for an autistic child, spending time with him at a camp, and taking him on vacations – all while Mike was working on obtaining a personal trainer certification, as he was interested in working out and was not focused on his profession as a comic at the time.

Dom Mazzetti was conceived in the first part of 2009 — Mike came up with the idea while working out at the gym, albeit he was originally simply planned to feature in a cookery video. Mazzetti is a foolish, middle-aged Italian man who never appears in the video but subsequently appears in a comedy comparable to the UPS bomb scare in 2011. Dom was giving an interview about how to handle a bomb threat in the video, which quickly went viral — Dom’s fame encouraged Mike and Gian to continue utilizing this character, and they gradually began gaining admirers on the internet.

The majority of the films they uploaded after that featured Mike as Dom Mazzetti talking about fitness and life at university – in some of his videos, Dom poked fun of the bro-science that is common in the fitness business, earning him the nickname Bro Science Guy.

Mike and Gian established their YouTube channel on December 10, 2012, and it now has over 2.3 million subscribers, with about 370 million views on all of their videos combined. They only upload amusing content on the channel, with most videos starring Mike as Dom Mazzetti.

Diet and exercise

Mike has developed a strong interest in working out and being fit, and he attends five to six gym sessions every week. He started coming to the gym at the age of 14 and has since developed his own training routine, which he has not shared with the public.

He follows a strict diet and allows himself one cheat meal each week – his six daily meals consist of chicken, fish, peanut butter, apples, veggies, and eggs, while he avoids sugar, fast food, and fats.

Hobbies and other pursuits

Mike’s main passion is a comedy, and he’s been in the profession since he was in high school, but he’s also interested in a variety of other topics.

Mike is a huge fan of fast vehicles and recently purchased an Audi R8. He is quite athletic and is always ready for extreme sports – he has done paragliding and parachuting, and he frequently rides his motorcycle on dirt roads. Mazzetti is a big fan of tattoos and has them all over his body. He considers travel to be his favorite pastime, and he has traveled extensively around the United States, as well as to a few countries in Europe, including France and Italy. He enjoys movies and one of his favorite performers is Keanu Reeves, so he was overjoyed when he was able to take a picture with him.

Body Measurements: Height, Weight, Hair color

Mike is 6ft 1in (1.85m) tall, with short brown hair and brown eyes, and weighs roughly 190lbs (86kgs).

Social Media Details

He started his Twitter account in October 2011, and he has over 10,000 followers and has tweeted approximately 140 times. His Instagram account is currently followed by about 150,000 people, and he’s added over 450 photos to it — he also has a Facebook profile, but it appears he only uses it to keep in touch with his friends and family.

Dom Mazzetti is far more well-known on the internet than his creator Mike – Dom created his Twitter account in August 2009 and has about 100,000 followers, as well as nearly 5,000 tweets. Dom’s Instagram account currently has about 730,000 followers, and he’s added over 1,100 photos to it — Dom also has a Facebook profile, which has over 230,000 people following him.

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