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Drew Barrymore Deems The Nomination Of A Young Actor Cruel

Drew Barrymore

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Drew Barrymore criticized the Razzies’ organizers for “bullying” a kid actress. The nomination of 12-year-old Ryan Keira Armstrong for her appearance in the film Firestarter at the spoof awards, which honor the worst films and performances, sparked an uproar.

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Barrymore, a former child star, stated on CBS’s Talk of the Table that “all bets are off” when discussing children.

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The Razzies’ organizers have issued an apology and implemented an age restriction.

John Wilson, the co-founder of the Razzies, apologized and stated on January 25: “Sometimes you act without thinking, and then you are held accountable for it. Then you understand. This is the reason why the Razzie Awards were formed in the first place.

“As a result, Armstrong’s name has been withdrawn from the final ballot that our members will vote on next month. We also believe Ms. Armstrong has deserved a public apology, and we regret any harm she may have suffered as a result of our decisions.”

The Razzies, which term themselves the “ugly relative of the Oscars,” always announce their winners one day before the Oscars. Many actors, directors, and fans have been offended by it throughout the years.

Barrymore, now 47, portrayed Armstrong in the 1984 adaptation of the film Firestarter when she was nine years old.

She has extensive experience as a child actor, having appeared in E.T. and Irreconcilable Differences.

Barrymore had previously interviewed Armstrong on her US daytime television program, The Drew Barrymore Show when she said that the 12-year-old “could not have been more lovely.”

She said,

“I don’t like it since she is younger,” on Talk of the Table.

“Because it encourages others to join the bandwagon, we should be mindful of how we speak to and about others.

“I’m relieved to see that people did not join the ‘let’s make fun of her’ bandwagon, but instead stated ‘this isn’t right’.”

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